Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

Greetings on this most blustery day!  I awoke this morning to discover that, as we slumbered, we were under a Tornado Watch; AND that there is a frost advisory for tomorrow night *what's up with THAT!?!*  I also awoke with an awareness that I have an odd shorthand for referring to my various and sundry family members/different groups of friends; and folks who do not know me that well may have a hard time understanding who I am talking about sometimes...  Thus, the notion of Tutorial Tuesday popped into my Swiss Cheese noggin!  This should clarify things a bit for the more far-flung followers of this ongoing verbal venture!

When referring to my beloved husband, I rely mainly on the following descriptors:  The Man, Wonder Hubby, D.O.G.G. (inside/family joke), and my Sweetheart.

...and I love you, too!

My mom, previously unmentioned, *but, it's not like I was found under a cabbage leaf, ya' know?!?*  is known as Mom, Momma, Mable (in answer to her lifelong desire of a cool nickname), and *even if only by me* Mammoo!  Note:  If you never hear from me again following this post, it will be because my sweet photophobic Momma has killed me *insert maniacal laughter, here!*

Our youngest is most often referred to as The Girl -- a bit of a misnomer, as we actually have two daughters; but the eldest girl-child is decidedly 'anti-interweb.'  SO, the disparity is not likely to cause problems in the real world.  It would stand to reason, then, that our oldest would simply be called The Boy -- and yet he is not *due in large part to the fact that I don't call anybody "boy" ~>:-?*

Mable & The Girl
Thanksgiving, 2010
My brother is quite simply The Brother; or, as the astute reader will recall, sometimes The Uber Brother ;-)  His gorgeous boys (my nephews) are alternately:  The Moore Boys, Angel Boys, Rug Rats, Knee Biters, and/or Hellions - lol!

The Moore Boys
Christmas, 2010
I am blessed with a wide assortment of incredible friends.  The longest standing group of 'besties' are known far and wide as The Bs  (...and we'll just leave it at that ;-)  These are my 'sisters from other mothers' -- and we have been through some wildly wonderful and wickedly woeful times together.  I am lucky to have them; and they are a treasure to me!

Bahama Mamas!
In the Bahamas with The Bs - October, 2009

A more recent grouping of girlfriends are the members of The Sofa King Cool Crew!  Talented, funny, generous, beautiful, and wise beyond their ears -- this is primarily a group of art buddies; and we are spread across the country from PA to OK (with members in NC, TN, NJ, ME, & OH)!

The latest gathering of the SKCC - September, 2010
(this is less than half of the 'official' crew,
but we had enough fun for the whole gang!

In what might be considered a sub-set of the SKCC -- in so much as we are the 'locals' -- are my Sister Friends!  We are fortunate that we live close enough to see one another with much more regularity than we see the rest of the Crew.  I have often wondered how I managed to find them -- Lucky am I!

Sister Friends!
Warming up for the Take 25! Opening - March, 2011
(we were missing one of our number)

Now, I realize that I know and love many more people than those referenced by these labels.  I don't want anyone to feel 'left out' -- so, we'll leave it like this:  it's Tutorial Tuesday, not Tuesday's Tome - HA!

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:

"When I reflect on my family and friends
I am lifted up in celebration."
                                                          - Maya Angelou

   Photo Notes:
   All photos taken with my trusty Panasonic Lumix (DMC-ZS1)

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  1. very cool nicknames :-)
    my children's are pretty girl, guy, pickle pete, little bee, peej, and twee.


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