Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wickedly Wacky Wednesday!

WOW...  This was just so weird, I felt compelled to share it with you all!  Please bear in mind that I was born and raised in this general geographic region; as such, I grew accustomed to seeing 'odd' things in the meat case at the grocery store.  I was amazed, at an early age, to learn that virtually EVERY portion of the pig was available for purchase - and what wasn't in the case was probably still in the back, for the asking!?!  Feet, brains, fat...  Oh, yes, all the standard cuts, too:  bacon, chops, ribs, ham, loins...  But this!?!  This is just beyond my 'raising' - ha!

YES!  It says "Chicken Paws"
...don't look at it too long - it WILL
make your head feel funny!

Now...  I read more than a few blogs, for more than a few reasons (art, books, music, etc.); early in the thoughts of my own blog-venture, I mused about doing things that I had seen done elsewhere *only natural, right?*...  One such 'regular feature' on many blogs is "Wordless Wednesday."  I was instantly and consistently intrigued by this idea -- I started 'seeing' photographs everywhere I went *oddly, I didn't TAKE any -- but I "saw" them!*

Since I have started blogging, I haven't established the discipline to regularly provide such content *yet!* - but, let's be real for a minute here:  HELLO!?!  You don't even have to know me to see (previous posts offered by way of example) that "Wordless" ANYthing would pose a nearly insurmountable challenge for me!  *...I'm just sayin'!*

SO...  what's even funnier about this particular photo is that this wasn't taken at the time of my first encounter with The Paws!  Nay, nay!  The first time I saw them, I was reaching into my purse for the DROID, and a little, bitty Asian woman came and got them *gasp!  that was the only package - yes, I looked!*  It was several foraging outings later before I re-encountered The Paws -- AND, how very handy that they are so conveniently located alongside the Stripped Back Portions ~>:-)  Who knows?  I may very well be missing out on a truly incredible epicurean delight; but I really don't see any Paws on the menu any time soon.  *...and nobody ever convinced me to eat pig brains, either!*

A little tid-bit from the "Wonderful" file:  our wee one (although not so wee, anymore) called today with the news that she had made the Dean's List for the Spring Semester!  *Woo Hoo!*  We are SO proud of her -- she worked hard for it, and has gotten some incredible feedback from her advisers with regard to her 'game plan' for the remainder of her undergraduate studies -- and some interesting thoughts about her future!  Life is GOOD!

I hope that something wacky and wonderful was a part of your Wednesday!  

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"The few wonders of the world
only exist while there are those
with the sight to see them ."
                     - Charles de Lint

Photo Notes:  
   Taken with Motorola DROID, standard camera app - auto flash.


  1. OMG. I was not prepared for such a sight after a long day/night at work.

  2. LOL - Sorry, Laurel - I guess the title needed a 'warning' ~>:-?


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