Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One More Thing!

Those who know me personally are well aware that todays title is pretty much my Mantra!  It's both the general pattern of the day-to-day existence, here on the Acre, as well as the reason more doesn't get done - ha!  I'd wager that I actually forgot to tell you more than 'one more thing' in my mad recap, yesterday!  ...but since I promised the Giver that I would share this happy news, I wanted to make sure I didn't let it past me, altogether.  Much like the nasal refrain of Gilda Radner's Rosanne Rosannadanna:  "'s aaalways something!" my Mantra is repeated daily, in a not so Zen-like manner!  *one more thing, one more thing,..*  It is repeated with enough regularity that it has become part of the vernacular of our family -- The Man will often ask after a seemingly forgotten task by wondering *with a certain, impish grin* if I have been "one more thing-ing, again!"

Lovely goodies from Germany
Many thanks, TJ!
* the stamps were an added bonus - i <3 stamps!
;-) *
Ahhh, but I digress!  At the end of July, I learned of a Blog Giveaway featuring the work of an author whose blog I have enjoyed, of late:  Quinn McDonald.  Quinn's blog directed me to a very fun spot on the interweb commandeered by the lovely TJ:  Studio Mailbox.  I read a rather poignant post, watched a very enjoyable video, and left a comment to enter her Giveaway -- which was for a signed copy of Quinn's book, Raw Art Journaling, in addition to several 'goodie packs' featuring ATCs made from the piece she created in the featured video *can I just say that I am continually blown away at the wicked cool features on the blogs I read regularly? -- videos! a regular 'thing"!  seriously!?!*  TJ's snazzy blog and apparent humor & generous nature ensured my continued reading -- I'd further wager that there is something there that you would enjoy, too!

ANYway...  I received a sweet e-mail at the conclusion of the entry period (08/02) notifying me that I had won one of the 'goodie packs!'  This is not something that happens often -- me, winning something :-?  I was tickled!  Given that it was coming from Germany, I was very surprised at how quickly it arrived (08/10).  What a lovely, wee packet of ephemeral goodness (pages of German text, a quirky cat post card, two ATCs, a wee tag from the die-cut on one of the ATCs, and a handful of beautiful postage stamps)!  ...all tucked into a stenciled, hand-stamped envelope, declaring "Because Mail is Love."  It was a wonderful treat!  I look forward to using all of it ~>:-D

Until next time,
Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Knowing is not as good as loving,
loving is not as good as enjoying."
                                      - Chinese Proverb

Photo Notes:  
  taken with Motorola DROID Retro Camera App by Urbian - Pinhole Camera

Monday, August 29, 2011


OK I am neither "in Gotham City," nor am I entirely certain how to encapsulate everything that has taken place since I last visited with you, here :-\  Sufficed to say:  I am upright and mobile.  In spite (one might argue, because) of crushing losses, joyful discoveries, and having 'gone to ground' for a bit, I emerge refreshed and re-focused on tackling my 'to-do' list(s) with greater fervor! true is this?
*from Urban Poetry - link below*
There is something so very humbling about remembrance...  Whether it comes from happy times shared, wisdom gained, long-lost friends rediscovered, exciting plans for a lost future, or a sudden absence following apparent improvement.  Some of my 'time away' *nay, the majority* was invested in the realizations borne of remembrance.  The World might not have stumbled due to their departure, but my world is both tangibly smaller and more richly patina'd having had to say good bye to JM, PS, JM, GM, and DF.  You are all missed!

When I find myself in need of 'unplugging' for a while, my 'go to' comfort zone is a good book *read:  a quick, cheap, and easy escape*.  I have read a seemingly incredible number of books in the past two months -- I will get the Shelfari up to date, this week!  ...just in time for you to hit the library before the long weekend -- in case 'one last hurrah!' isn't in the cards for your Memorial Day weekend.  As much as I yearn to be 'beach-bound,' I don't see that happening this year :-\  *OH, do tell me what YOU have been reading!?!*

Very cool happenings on the creativity front!  In July, I shared my fanatical research and experimentation of Homemade Alcohol Ink Spray with my friends in the CMMAG.  As is often the case with such a group, there was a palpable sense of "A-HA!" in the room -- Great interest, great questions that spurred some experimentation of their own!  My testing and documentation continues *with no apparent end in sight!*  I truly do not mean to tease you, gentle reader, but the wait will be just a tad longer for more/better photos :-?  They are coming, tho'!
The latest batch of Homemade Alcohol Inks,
ready for decanting into sprayers.

Speaking of 'the Guild Gals', we have an amazing array of cool, arty things going on in the final months of 2011, be sure to visit Creativity Rocks! for all the latest.  I am working on a project that will travel around the WORLD!  Exciting news on the teaching front is coming, too!  *OH, MY!*  Publication news is brewing!  New work in the works!  The Quest for Floor continues, and long-lost real estate is being recovered weekly!  The Girl is back in school *Go Pirates!*, and looking to repeat her appearance on the Dean's List *w00t!*  The Man is pounding code like mad, and his genius is evident daily!  We're not running around starving and 'nekkid'; despite not having reached the status of Goddess, I have been fully functional in the Domestic Dept.!  As always, there remain more 'really cool' ideas than the time in which to execute them; I keep on plugging away, tho!

As if all of this weren't enough, last week included both an earthquake (which I totally missed, as I was in the car at the time), AND a hurricane (during which we fared better than many)!

SO!  If anything, I have been 'over-stimulated' *oh, yes... that sounds SO much nicer than "a slacker" - ha!* rather than 'under-motivated' of late.  Obviously, still working on the whole 'discipline' thing...  While I may not yet have all of the balls in the air *it does seem like juggling some days...*, one can hardly bemoan living, right? 

Because that's what's been happening since you read me last...  

I've been living.

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Life is a thing that mutates without warning,
not always in enviable ways.
All part of the improbable adventure of being alive,
of being a brainy bi-ped with giant dreams on a crazy blue planet."
                                      - Diane Ackerman

Photo Notes:  
   1st photo:  Urban Poetry - My Modern Metropolis; 2nd photo taken with Motorola DROID Vignette Demo App, set to random, vintage frames and auto flash.