Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One More Thing!

Those who know me personally are well aware that todays title is pretty much my Mantra!  It's both the general pattern of the day-to-day existence, here on the Acre, as well as the reason more doesn't get done - ha!  I'd wager that I actually forgot to tell you more than 'one more thing' in my mad recap, yesterday!  ...but since I promised the Giver that I would share this happy news, I wanted to make sure I didn't let it past me, altogether.  Much like the nasal refrain of Gilda Radner's Rosanne Rosannadanna:  "'s aaalways something!" my Mantra is repeated daily, in a not so Zen-like manner!  *one more thing, one more thing,..*  It is repeated with enough regularity that it has become part of the vernacular of our family -- The Man will often ask after a seemingly forgotten task by wondering *with a certain, impish grin* if I have been "one more thing-ing, again!"

Lovely goodies from Germany
Many thanks, TJ!
* the stamps were an added bonus - i <3 stamps!
;-) *
Ahhh, but I digress!  At the end of July, I learned of a Blog Giveaway featuring the work of an author whose blog I have enjoyed, of late:  Quinn McDonald.  Quinn's blog directed me to a very fun spot on the interweb commandeered by the lovely TJ:  Studio Mailbox.  I read a rather poignant post, watched a very enjoyable video, and left a comment to enter her Giveaway -- which was for a signed copy of Quinn's book, Raw Art Journaling, in addition to several 'goodie packs' featuring ATCs made from the piece she created in the featured video *can I just say that I am continually blown away at the wicked cool features on the blogs I read regularly? -- videos! a regular 'thing"!  seriously!?!*  TJ's snazzy blog and apparent humor & generous nature ensured my continued reading -- I'd further wager that there is something there that you would enjoy, too!

ANYway...  I received a sweet e-mail at the conclusion of the entry period (08/02) notifying me that I had won one of the 'goodie packs!'  This is not something that happens often -- me, winning something :-?  I was tickled!  Given that it was coming from Germany, I was very surprised at how quickly it arrived (08/10).  What a lovely, wee packet of ephemeral goodness (pages of German text, a quirky cat post card, two ATCs, a wee tag from the die-cut on one of the ATCs, and a handful of beautiful postage stamps)!  ...all tucked into a stenciled, hand-stamped envelope, declaring "Because Mail is Love."  It was a wonderful treat!  I look forward to using all of it ~>:-D

Until next time,
Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Knowing is not as good as loving,
loving is not as good as enjoying."
                                      - Chinese Proverb

Photo Notes:  
  taken with Motorola DROID Retro Camera App by Urbian - Pinhole Camera


  1. Penny - what a sweet post, I'm so happy you liked your prize!

    Man your photography is awesome it makes the paper goodies look like you won a fabulous sweepstakes...

    Be sure to keep in touch and let us know what you make from it!!
    German hugs,

  2. Thanks, TJ! Winning IS fabulous :-), Love, LOVE the ATCs you made from your 'personal landscape!'

    It seems only appropriate a portion of my new treasures become journal fodder *swoon!* The nifty German text will be portioned out over as many surfaces as possible ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by -- hope to 'see' you here, again!


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