Monday, January 7, 2013

Realizations, Revelations, and being Resolved - Part 1 of 3

So, it has been a while...  My awareness of this seems decidedly real and not-real, tho'  -- that time between that 'then' and this 'now' is full to overflowing; yet at the same time, gone - all gone.  There is no way I could 'catch you up,' and there seems no point in 'starting over.'  Let's just make like old friends, and pick up where we left off.  What bears telling will out.  The title of this series wields the bulk of my meaning, right here - in this 'now.'

I hope that each of you enjoyed a wonderful, memorable, and restorative Holiday Season!  Here in my somewhat fragmented little corner of the world, I still have 2 Christmases to go!   The Man & I celebrated The Brother's birthday/Christmas with he and his beautiful family, this past Saturday *w00t!*  We had the added bonus of seeing two of The Nephews play in their first basketball game (cheers to the boys, their team, and the way-cool Coach - yep, The Brother); and enjoyed a lovely evening with some of his old/our new friends.  A priceless day, lucky are we! *...but, oh, how I do wish all the wee ones didn't grow up SO fast!*


In thinking about how long it had been since this blogging endeavor had been attended to, I had a rather sizable realization about where all my efforts at 'sharing' had been directed of late.  I have regularly dispensed various and sundry nuggets of the view from my part of this Journey's trail - though not here, in the right and proper place, however...  I have fallen prey to the easy - the immediate *'gratification' neither intended nor implied* - the quick & at hand:  Facebook!  *hey, like I said:  it was easy!*  It would seem, because it is so gentle reader, that I was going about this all wrong (or, for the sake of reduced negativity, from the less than ideal approach)!  To develop the discipline to incorporate these things which are of declared import to me, I must assert my efforts to the doing -- the bounteous yield of which will make for plenty of legitimate 'share-worthy' bits!

I further realize that the time has come to do more 'inward' work; without which the outward will remain stifled and less fulfilling.  I suppose this translates to:  no more new stuff (plans, projects, major commitments, etc), until I deal with the unwieldy accumulation of a mind-boggling 15-years-in-one-location's-worth of stuff!?  Making room in this, my designated 'space,' - tangibly:  my home/work space - metaphorically:  my Life - will *I feel certain* also create room for the rest of my existence.  For my overall sanity, mental stability, and future productivity, this must be the ultimate goal of my efforts in the dawning of this New Year.  This past year has illuminated new personal strengths and creative opportunities that yearn for further exploration, to do so will require creating the space for bigger and better things to happen!  I will admit that this seems a somewhat daunting task, but I can almost taste the joy that will come with it's accomplishment.

My final realization, with specific regard to the care and feeding of this Blog, was that I am beyond anal when it comes to the layout and appearance of the final product.  In other words:  I am making this harder than it needs to be/take more time than it really requires!? *shocker, that, eh?  ...can't recall that ever being the case for this gal, before!? {insert maniacal laughter, here!}*  It has become a self-defeating ideal, and one that I must step away from if I am to have any hope of proceeding with this project *...and for reasons that I cannot wholly explain, I really want to do just that! Proceed!*  In this instance, it actually is"all about me" -- letting go of the need for perfection in 'macro' will make easier the way to the end goal.  Much like a Sherpa, by changing the approach, I can achieve the ascent more efficiently.  *yes, hind-sight is 20/20, and it does seem very much like common sense -- but I would posit that it is justifiably a 'forest for the trees' scenario in equal measure!  #imjustsayin*

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it."
                                      - Mary Oliver
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   "Time Flies" altered image composite, original images from The Graphics Fairy.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).


  1. I always enjoy your writing Penny! What a great blog post today!!!

  2. Thanks, O! We need to put our heads together, and look at a collaboration for this year!?

  3. You're so right about easy. Because it's "easy," most people comment on blog posts on Facebook. One of my goals this year is to comment directly on posts (with a subset of this goal to not get upset when people use Facebook to comment on my posts!)

    I hear you about the challenges of getting it 'just right' with the vagaries inherent in blogger! I just about tear my hair out with every post.

    And, I applaud your goal of getting rid of "stuff"...there's been quite a bit of that going on over here, too. Feels good, doesn't it?!


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