Saturday, August 17, 2013


Greetings hale and hearty Reader!

I am thrilled to announce that a dream is coming true here in scenic HoCo.  August 13th marked the birth of Arrowood Paper Arts!  It is exhilarating to share this news, and *if possible* even more so to be living this wild ride every day!

Look for me in Chicago!
***website coming, soon!***

As many know, this isn't my first foray into a creative business venture.  It is very flattering that long time users of my candle and soap wares still ask *hopefully* if I have been 'back in the Barn.'  The Man misses those days, too.  He, like so many others, had his favorites.  If I am honest with myself,  I miss them too -- at least parts of them :-?  I am proud of all that Pennywise Specialties was, but I am incredibly "a'fire" with the road ahead of me -- which has been a long time in paving ;-)

Two Halves of One Heart
...the result of a savored moment of serious play
with my friends in the CMMAG with most things in my world, I have jumped right in to this current venture.  Loads of things are in the works! With all that is already a 'constant' for me, these happenings have served to prove true an amazing phenomenon.  I have often marveled that it seems the more there is to do, the more you can get done!  Alternately, it could just be that having something you love to do makes it easier to do the 'other stuff,' too -- so you can fit it all in (?)  What e'er may be the case, I've been hoppin' -- and having a freakin' ball!

From the "What Happened In-Between" File:
Two pieces from a new series, currently on display at
Liquidambar Gallery & Gifts in Pittsboro, NC.
These are part of a CMMAG show, hanging through September.

All of this wicked goodness has developed while preparing for my first Road Trip under this new banner!  I am hitting the road, next week, with a supah Art Bud to debut at Create Mixed Media Retreats in CHI-CA-GO!  The incomparable Jodi Ohl will be teaching throughout the event, and I will have the chance to serve as ready and willing assistant to her and her students *ahem, throng of adoring fans!*  To wrap up this big first, we will both be participating at the Vendor Night event on Friday, August 23rd.
Upon returning home, there will be more fabulous-ness to report!  I can hardly wait to tell you all about it -- but the work table is calling, and the clock is ticking on what must be done before we embark!  I do hope you will join me again!  

Onward & Upward, 

 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"The doors we open and close
each day decide the lives we live.
                                      - Flora Whittemore
Photo Notes:
   Heart and What Happened, taken with my trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1
   Look for me from my design at Vistaprint

*All photos can be seen in a larger size by clicking on them* 

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