Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gettin' Back in the Groove...


It has been said that time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like bananas...  That may well be true (?)  One thing I know for sure is that the space marked by months on the calendar can seem like the blink of an eye in the space(s) between my Life and BlogLand!

Groucho said it!
"Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana."

Many great and wondrous things have transpired since our last virtual visit, here; and I am so looking forward to sharing them all with you.  I envision a wee series of posts dedicated to 2013 Revisited  :-\  They are good and juicy morsels of memory, and each has played a part in how I have come to rejoin my groove as we settle in to all that this vast new year has to offer.  I want to share them with you as much for your vicarious pleasure as for my own assurance that these precious memories do not escape me all together in the hustle and bustle that lies ahead.  So...  shall we rest easy in knowing that we have a veritable buffet of goodness to look forward to, together?

Here's a little taste of what we can look forward to looking back on in the coming weeks:

     >  the 2013 version of the Me-Treat turned into a mind-blowing, (s)hero-meeting,
         new-friend-greeting, heart-bursting-open, thought-expanding Life changer *

     >  an arduous journey ended in a most satisfactory manner
     >  the CMMAG returned to Art of the Carolinas for the SIXTH time, and the magic
         was even more monumental than before

     >  new opportunities seized yield incredible creative mojo as new classes and creative
         offerings pop up like mushrooms on a spongy log

     >  what's all the hubbub about 'having a word,' and why does it matter?

...and to all of that, I'll add my hopes that yours was a wonderful and restorative Holiday Season!  Ours was marked by the elongation of celebrations typical with children living far afield, and friends and family all living full and involved existences (the final, festive get-together taking place one month to the day after Christmas)!

Never one to indulge in "resolutions," I have jumped headlong into this New Year with a renewed resolve to formulate the discipline required to achieve all the wild desires of my heart -- not the least of which is the creation of more regular content in this little space I have carved out of the immense interweb!  

I look forward to spending more time with you, here.

Onward & Upward!
 - p

*  part of my extended haitus from this very space was my sheer inability to put into words all that my autumnal excursion was for me!  ...long in the coming, but so well worth the wait!

Words of wisdom for today:
"Little drops of water, little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land.
So the little minutes, humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages of eternity.
                                      - Julia Carney
Photo Notes:
   Groucho -- photobucket find 
*All photos can be seen in a larger size by clicking on them* 

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