Monday, June 16, 2014

Memories of May - Week 2

Hello, and welcome to the 2nd stop on the ReMe “Memories of May” Blog Hop!  Jodi’s posts last week (on both her Blog and the ReMe Blog) had my mind a’whirl with all of the magical moments that combined to make our 1st event in Ocracoke a smashing success.  I have written and edited, and written and edited, and pared down, and edited some more; finally coming to the realization that I will never winnow this story down to anything approaching a “condensed version!”  SO…  I decided that if a picture was worth 1,000 words I could make this easier for all involved by showing you the majority of my favorite things (‘cause telling them all would take WAY too long)!

Any visit to Ocracoke is brightened by one’s mere arrival!  As I mentioned in our kick-off announcement, there is a certain “falling away” of the day-to-day once you are on the Ferry.  After the ponderous vessel delivers you to the dock on OCR, the sense of having “arrived” is palpable – the air feels different, the screech and swoop of the gulls and pelicans like a song in a foreign language, and the sense of being on “island time” enrobes body and mind.  So I guess my 1st favorite thing is the location itself!

You are HERE!

Our Home Away from Home

We already knew and loved the place (both the Island and our home for the week).  Another thing that made our time in May so wonderful was that we were not merely “in” place, but extra effort was put into being “of” this beautiful place for the time that we were there, as well.  In planning for this event, we included the people and places that make their lives here.  In this way, we were able to show our guests more than a vacation destination – we were able to bring them up close and personal with the ‘real life’ of the island.  From bringing special guests in as speakers at the house, to Field Trips to take in the unique character of the Village, to obtaining our shrimp for our final dinner from the Waterman’s Association – we elevated our visitors to at least one or two rungs above “Dingbatter Status

A favorite stop on any visit to Ocracoke:
the cozy confines of Books to be Red!

Bringing together a group of women from ALL over the country added another layer of wonderment to our time together.  Only ONE of our guests had ever been to Ocracoke before.  It was very special to see each of them experiencing this place for the first time!  Who but a group of artists would turn viewing a glorious sunset into art itself?

The first of many gatherings on our sound-front beach
to watch the sun slip away

Sunset as Art

 For as long as I can remember, time in the kitchen has been a special refuge for me.  Long before there was “art,” there was this space – a space that afforded me a sense of calm, a place to relax and create, a place to serve (in the most literal sense – ha!)  This trip amplified my love of KP duty to new level.  Meal times were times that saw us all come together – unified by a table full of good food and laughter.  Another favorite thing:  mealtimes!  Not only for the food (which was SPOT ON all week), but for the joy of interconnectedness that infused each coming together. 
Ready for the Dinner crowd!
...BBQ chicken for 12, with all the trimmings?  No problem!

After dinner lingering...

Speaking of “connections,” my soul thrilled to see this group morph into a cohesive “being” as we progressed through the week.  It sounds unreal to say that I witnessed the creation of a virtual family in the space of 5 days by the sea – but I DID!  We had the supreme joy of watching as strangers became friends who then became sisters.  They shared their stories and themselves – never hesitating to offer a hand (to both their fellow attendees as well as to their Hosts).  Amid the fully packed schedule, they found pockets of time to do their own thing and try new things together.  It was beautiful to behold!

Crossing the Dunes
...a morning of discovery at the Beach

Spontaneous Dancing
...what's NOT to love?

Memories in the making!
...a beautiful find on our trip to the beach

Evenings in the Parlor of EVERYBODY'S Favorite Things from May!

Finally *mayhap a tiny bit selfishly(?),* I experienced a true “first” – something that I long to experience again and again!  For the 1st time ever, I witnessed my work in a new way:  someone wearing both (a) a piece they made in a class with me, AND (b) a piece I made, that they liked enough to make their own!  It made my brain do a happy dance, indeed!

Both a Favorite Memory
and a personal first!

So much for brevity in my stream of recollecting (ha!)  Want to see even more incredible Memories of May?  Head over to the ReMe Blog for the 2nd portion of this weeks Hop!  Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to WIN my “Little Leather Booklace” – a fully functional book you can wear!  The drawing for this weeks giveaway will take place on Sunday evening (June 22nd), and will be announced next Monday!

Comment at the ReMe Blog
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There's more yet to see!
Visit the ReMe Blog for"the rest of the story!"
Onward & Upward!

Words of wisdom for today:

"When you wish someone joy,
you wish them peace,
love, prosperity, happiness...
all the good things
                                    - Maya Angelou


  1. Absolutely delightful Penny! I luv that pic of Brittany and I having a moment! Brought happy tears! I luv how you put words together in such a way that I feel like I am in the moment again!

    1. Thanks, dearie! It was lovely reliving that S'magical time over the past couple o' days -- I have been pouring over photos, and looking at all the "in the moment" stuff from our Facebook posts. I appreciate your kind words :)

  2. How wonderful! I feel like I was just there yesterday... Missing you and your wonderful sense of humor! P.S. that someone was me, I was your first!...LOL.

    1. Yes, INDEED! *a moment I will treasure!* Miss you too, Porch Buddy ;)

  3. Awww, loved this! I can't wait to join you all in October!

    1. Thanks, Lynn! ...and it will be here before we know it! We are already excited about our autumnal return to this wonderful place :)

  4. Thank you for bringing all the wonderfulness back to mind! I'm counting the days til next May already!


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