Monday, May 1, 2017

It's here! It's HERE! #50for50no1

Hey, howdy, hi, hello -- welcome to the Merry Month of Marbling!  Henceforth to be forever known as my first #50for50 event.  "But what does it meeean?!"  -- inquiring minds want to know!  Fear not, gentle reader -- forge onward, and all of the particulars are yours for the reading.

For the month of May, I will be posting (on the Arrowood Paper Arts Facebook Page) a series of 50 Marvelous Mini-Marbled canvases.  "But, Penny" I hear you wondering, "how does that work?  There aren't 50 days in May!"  Very astute, grasshoppah!  There certainly are not.  It is for that simple fact (in addition to the heretofore unknown inner workings of Facebook Events), that there will be more than one, one-of-a-kind canvas posted each day.  Furthermore, that is also why there will be three 'events' that make up the whole of this artful happening!

Here's the run down:
     1st two weeks of May:  (05/01-05/05 and 05/08-05/12) I will post two (2) Marvelous Mini-Marbled Canvases each day, Monday - Friday on the Arrowood Paper Arts page at Facebook.
     2nd two weeks of May:  (05/15-05/19 and 05/22-05/26) I will post three (3) Marvelous Mini-Marbled Canvases each day, Monday - Friday on the Arrowood Paper Arts page at Facebook.
     Last three days of May:  (05/29-05/31) we will have The Grande Finale!  Three days of Marvelous Marbled Give-Aways.  *as of today, these remain super-top-secret! a.k.a. not yet finished {shhh...}*

To claim one as your own, simply write "Sold" in the comments section -- first come, first served.  At the end of each week, any unclaimed canvases will be re-listed by Sunday evening at the latest (depending on my teaching schedule) here on the blog.  To claim one of those as your own, simply comment, on the blog post, with the canvas number you wish to claim -- again, first come, first served.  Because of the nature of this process, no two canvases are alike. However, if you miss out on one you love, another can be made with the same colors -- just know it will not look exactly like the one that first caught your eye.

Additional info:
    - Each, unique Marvelous Mini-Marbled Canvas (2x2 in.) includes its own lovely, wooden easel for artful display.
    - These lovely, diminutive works of art are affordably priced at $12.00 each (plus Priority Mail, insured shipping w/ tracking).
    - Optional monogramming in silver or gold is available for an additional $3.00 -- see lettering styles available, and samples in the MMM - #50for50no1 Album at Arrowood Paper Arts on Facebook.
    - Multiple purchases can be bundled together for reduced shipping -- please email or PM me for additional details.
    - Payment by PayPal invoice at conclusion of transaction (I will PM you for your PayPal address and mailing info.). 
    - Every purchase earns the buyer two (2) entries into the Grande Finale:  the Merry Month of Marbling Give-Away drawings that will take place, one per day, on May 29, 30, and 31.
    - To earn additional entries, participants can do any or all of the following:  Share the Event(s) on Facebook (1 entry); Follow the Arrowood Paper Arts and #50for50no1 Boards on Pinterest (1 entry each); "Like" Arrowood Paper Arts on Facebook (1 entry); and/or Follow this Blog (use the blue "Follow" button in the right hand column)  (1 entry).  Please leave me a comment, here on the blog, so I know where you shared/liked/joined.  The more the merrier -- please share liberally!

These were a BIG hit for me at the Holiday Shows I took part in, last year -- but they are hardly strictly Holiday fare.  Custom color-ways are available upon request:  drop me a line at for additional information!  Have a family member graduating this spring, or headed for college in the fall?  Why not a unique gift of a Marvelous Mini-Marbled Canvas in their school colors?  How about a special gift for that favorite teacher?  ...a grouping to represent each member of the family on the mantle?  ...a spot of color for your office or cubicle?  The possibilities truly are endless!  Please contact me with any questions or possibilities you wish to consider.

Until next time...

Onward and upward,

Words of wisdom for today:
"And after winter
folweth grene May."
                             - Geoffrey Chaucer

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