Monday, March 5, 2018

Celebrating Creative Curiosity

This past weekend, I had the honor of making a birthday wish come true for a fellow CMMAG member and lovely friend.  She approached me last year, after receiving one of my postcards at a workshop, about putting something special together for her birthday.  After learning more about her interests *beyond making books* we decided on “An Introduction to Metal Working.”  The idea being a finished piece that encompassed all of the learning of the day – a “charm bracelet of techniques” if you will.  As it often does, Life intervened, and we ended up not celebrating last years birthday until this year – and to my mind, that only made it all the sweeter!

We gathered, a group of 8 women, in her beautiful studio space and whiled away the day learning, laughing, sharing, and making together.  It was a very full day, and as we parted company at the end of it we were the best kind of weary.  More than one of the days guests has contacted me since to share their plans for the “next thing/idea/project” that they want to accomplish with this new-found knowledge.  This *THIS* is what makes my heart soar – this is why I love what I do, and revel in every single opportunity I get to do it! 

…it is for this very reason that there are so few photos of our time together.  I would count this my singular regret from the day.  I was SO in my groove that I neglected to get around the table with the camera in hand more often.  I can faithfully report that there were indeed smiling faces above these busy hands!  Throughout the course of the day, we forged, formed, cut, shaped, smoothed, stamped, textured, trimmed, wrapped, and embellished our way to a wearable illustration of things they had learned.  The hostess and I were tickled with how everything came together, her guests raved, and I loaded up and headed home in the afterglow of a day well-spent among the creatively curious. 

Onward and upward!

Words of Wisdom for Today:
Creativity embeds knowledge so that
it can become practice.
We move what we're learning
from our heads to our hearts
through our hands.

                          ~Brene Brown

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