Friday, January 7, 2011

The Game is Afoot!

SO...  I seem to be onto to something, here!  Make a blog, post twice (so far) in the first week, get @ss loads of real-life work done, have a great weekend to look forward to, *more on that, later* AND get some pretty rockin' creative work done, to boot!  Thankyou, thankyouverymuch... {whoa, girlie! - a little punch-drunk on Little Friday, ain't ya?}  Ahhh, but I digress!  In addition to all of this 'Life is Good bounty,' I am taking my first online art class *w00t!*

Week #1 - Spread 1 of 5
Sponsored by Strathmore Artist Papers, and featuring their new Visual Journals, the workshop series started on 01/01/11, *pretty cool in and of itself* and consists of a weekly video accompanied by .PDF worksheets.  You can work at your own pace, choose to follow along on some great conversations in the forum(s) -- AND *apres Christmas bonus*  it's all FREE!  You can check it out, here:  Strathmore Artist Papers.  You will need to register, before you can get started.  There are three separate workshops in the series (being led by Pam Carriker, Linda Blinn, and Roz Stendahl).  It's not too late to join in, as this is only the end of the first week!

Week #1 - Spread 2 of 5 (B-ing Me)
I have completed the 'assignment' for this week, and am pretty pleased with the results!  While the class (Recycled Journal Pages) does not readily apply to the work I have done in the past couple of years, I am enjoying working on composition and finding images, patterns, and text that play well with one another.  However, since the class called for photocopies of previous journal pages, I was starting off running behind -- this is the only art journaling this girl has ever done!  I am pleased, though, with the 'bases' that I will be working on going into week 2.  In lieu of photocopied images, I opted for magazine images/text *God bless Oprah!* and security envelopes (from my vast collection of same).  I figure recycling is recycling, right?

Week #1 - Spread 3 of 5
Spread One speaks to me visually, as is; so I have a hard time knowing 'where it is going;' but I look forward to learning new techniques in the coming weeks to further develop a visual style that I like...  Spread Two really grew out of the 'wannabe' Super Hero image.  This one speaks to my own efforts to Be more of ME in the coming year.  The lettering was stenciled in permanent, waterproof ink to stand up to the painting and embellishment to follow.  As a nod to the theme of the class, Spread Three ties together the 'green thing' with a lovely lass in a floral frock and "recycled" security envelope wings.  The facing page utilizes strips from the same envelope:  perfectly spaced for both the journaling to come, and to camouflage the bleeding of the ink on the previous spread *nifty, eh?*  Spread Four just sort of  'happened' - it is my favorite of them all, right now!  Then, there is my 'problem child', Spread Five.  I sort of think I was just being stubborn -- I mean, I liked the images...  so, I put them in there; but they don't really have any 'supporting characters' right now.  However, I have faith that something inspired will happen ;-)  I can see options; but not any that appear to correspond to the syllabus - ha!  In my minds eye, it yearns to be enrobed in some cozy Zentagles!  We shall see -- this journey has only just begun...
Week # 1 - Spread 4 of 5 (Time Marches On)

The biggest challenge for me in working this way is STOPPING - lol!  I know, I know...  I don't have to go step by step, and do it all in the framework of the Workshop; but I am trying to develop 'discipline' -- and the way I figure it, setting aside/finding the time to do it is as big a part of it as finding the patience to learn what is being taught in the manner that it is provided.  *ooh, sometimes I sound like such a 'grown up!'*  Actually, that is one of the reasons I did more than one or two pieces for this first week...  I wanted the option of not altering something if I chose to work it a different way - knowwhatimean?  So, my creative journey for the year seems well underway.  In addition to this online series of workshops, I am taking *and teaching!* classes throughout the year to sate the muses that keep me up at night!  

What are YOU doing that feeds your spirit, this year?  Are you learning something new, that has always interested you?  Are you returning to a pleasant past-time that has gone by the wayside?  I have joined the 'anti resolution' movement -- it seems self defeating to make grandiose promises to ones self on the eve of a new year...  I don't even think that most of us need fundamental overhauling - perhaps just more awareness (?)  I think that my friend Michelle is right:  we don't need to change who we are, we just need to be more of who we are.  Personally, I love this idea!  

 Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Anyone who has never made a mistake
has never tried anything new."
                     - Albert Einstein

Photo Notes:  
   Taken using Panasonic Lumix (DMC-ZS1) - set to natural light, slow sync/red eye flash


  1. I like reading your approach to this 'assignment' I have been floundering with what to do since I am not a journaler, and I don't have a lot of creations to put into the copier. Nice layouts, Miss P!

  2. Thanks Donna! I must say, it seemed odd for the 1st workshop to set around 'recycling' your work -- Surely I am not the only person who has never done this ~>:-?

    * may very well be - and don't call me Shirley! - RIP L.N.*

    Looking forward to all our FUN, this evening ;-)

  3. I'd say you've made a great start, Penny; both in blogging (two posts in one week is way cool) and in your journaling project. From the "You Didn't Ask, But I Thought I'd Tell You" file: I really like the way the journal pages look in your Facebook album. The film holes on the top and bottom edges of the journal lend it a very vintage, chic aura. Is there any way you could incorporate them into the actual pages?

    And amen to the 'becoming more me' idea. In the final analysis, that's all any of us can really expect to be!

  4. Thanks, M!

    ...on the photos - I fell in love with the idea of using them in a journal format (although maybe not this one) during the creation of the Zen(tangled) Shoes; but so far, have been unable to get them to PRINT as they appear on the screen *uber bummer, eh?* That effect is another option in the Retro Camera app for my DROID (Pinhole Camera) - one of my FAVES :-) ...ahhh, the ideas spin and ripple like leaves in a stream!

    Amen and amen ;-)

  5. Welcome to blog land!!!! you are off to an amazing start with the online journaling class...I'm still getting there...Love, love, love your blog!!!

  6. Many thanks, Ms. O! Glad to have you, here - loving the updates in your little corner of Blogland, too!

  7. So glad to see you here in blogosphere, Miss P! Guess I must get off my **s and get back to work on my poor SAD neglected blog now. Thanks for the nudge! Loving what you've done here and looking forward to reading more. xoxo


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