Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello World! - Pt. Deux...

Greetings, blogland ~ noted by the purposeful inclusion of the link below (B.W.O.), I say *without apology (!)* that this wild and wacky road called Life has a way of diverting us from our plans in various and sundry ways!  If the paving of the road to Hell were bricks of gold, rather than good intentions, I would set up shop to sell my way back to a better grasp of the topography of change.  For I have endured much and many changes in the time since we last visited...

This would be me:  enduring...

Following loss, there is *in a well-intended existence* gain.  Poetically speaking, where there is joy, so follows pain.  There are times when it does indeed seems that we take one step forward, only to be faced with two steps back ~>:-?  

So...  The Reader's Digest Condensed Version:  
  • There was the Loss (death)
  • There was the Gain (an amazing new possibility?)
  • There was some Joy (of the general, everyday variety -- oh, and the Valentine's day variety)  *hey! what can i say?  i live a blessed existence - there is a great deal of Joy here in HoCo!*
  • There was The Pain (of a nasty vehicular incident, the ramifications of which will be long lasting and far reaching, apparently)
  • There was, then, a period of Restoration (a thing greatly anticipated, and much enjoyed *nay, reveled in!*)
  • There is the Promise (of future wonderments, and gifts yet to be unearthed)
SO...  I have been, in the words of my sweet ol' Granddaddy:  "holdin' it in the road" (ironically, both literally and figuratively!)...  Many of these happenings will provide us with future blog-fodder!  Alas, 'tis late, and I am not yet fully recovered from the "pain" portion of the previous listing :-\

Thus, I will bid you 'Adieu' with the promise of more artful goodness and a goodly helping of the mine tailings of a life thoroughly scoured for the even the tiniest gem ~>:-D

Onward and upward!
 - penny

(!)  The quotation that accompanies this post was a gift to me during the aforementioned period of Restoration (many, many thanks, LBR).  It reminds me how the Universe has a way of walking up to you on the street and calling you by name, and you never know it was the Universe because it looked like somebody's granny...  Anyone who knows me knows that this is quite apropos to my 'condition':

Never apologize
for showing feeling.
When you do so,
you apologize
for the truth.
                            - Benjamin Disraeli


  1. Ah... Life: It's made of mud and marbles. I'm sorry that you're facing an angry gale right now -I hope the winds change soon for you.

  2. Oh! and meant to say I love the Disraeli quote. Passion is my middle name and it's amazing how many fear it.

    I'm stealing that for my 2011 mantra.


  3. xou2, ms. amy ;-)

    Lisa, steal away! That quote left me gobsmacked -- it was the opening salvo for four days of incredible learning and fellowship; and it spoke to me very loudly :-o

    ...later days!


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