Friday, March 4, 2011

On Joy & Pain

In an effort to recoup the 'lost month' of February, I am looking back at the events that took me 'away' during that time...  As mentioned in my last post (and the one before), there has been much in the way of change of late!  I alluded to the Joy that suffuses the everyday existence, here in HoCo; and in the time since, I have savored those joys with regularity...  

The Man and I are very fortunate in many (nay, most)* of our dealings in this game called Life.  We have a successful business, healthy children, dear friends, and a keen love for the simple things (memorable tunes, good books, companionable silences, well-prepared meals, and quirky humors).  Granted, there are times when circumstances overtake us - between work and other obligations/interests - and we resort to 'stolen time' (i.e. staying up way too late to do a body good) to catch up with ourselves.  It's all part of 'our normal'...  We have, more than a few times, marveled over the fluidity of what passes for 'our normal' - which runs wild like the famed horses of the Outer Banks - encompassing everything from odd dining hours, tag-team parenting, and a somewhat selective embracing of various and sundry Holidays.

...all of which, I hope, goes some way toward explaining the Joy (and laughter) that accompanied my gift on Valentine's Day!  In addition to an attorney (read on... nothing standard on Arrowood Acre), I got a big surprise on Valentine's Day:  a box of chocolate covered strawberries with an interesting note ;-)

The surprise lies both in the gift itself, and the card that came with it!  My beloved is many things - not the least of which is a wee bit capricious when it comes to 'optional' observations...  Our celebrations of Valentine's Day have run the gamut:  from eye-popping jewelry purchases (on his part), to run-away weekends built around the day (on my part), to the "anti-establishment" years *wherein, the holiday itself was cause for great oratory on its lack of reason for being* (again, on his part), to the wild and wonderful, yet wacky present!  This year, it seems that the most acceptable approach was to acknowledge the event without contributing to the coffers of the evil empire of Valentine vendors.  (a.k.a. Hallmark).  SO...  the sheer joy ensconced in this box of beautiful, juicy chocolate enrobed strawberries went far beyond their delectable goodness.  It was all in the card!  Which reads:  "Penny,  NOT a Hallmark!  Love you, xoxoxoxo, Kevin"  A much appreciated token from my sweetheart on the heels of a terribly painful week prior!

Ahhh, yes *(most, but not all) - the Pain!  ...or should I say Pain(s) -- for they do seem to drag on!  I had made plans with the Uber Brother to take him to lunch on a 'regular Raleigh day' (i.e.: the grouping of lots of seeing folks & doing things - which typically means a tight schedule).  Five minutes away from being early for my lunch date, I was startling reintroduced to 'real world,' when -while slowing for the minivan in front of me to turn left - I was rear-ended by a very large, red Dodge truck :-\  The late morning/early afternoon plunged into a painfully protracted visit to BIZARRO world!  After impact, stunned, I immediately pulled onto the shoulder of the road to exchange information, wait for the Law, etc...  I was beyond amazed, to say the least, when instead of pulling over behind me, the offending truck LEFT!?!  Despite being badly shaken and unable to see clearly (as my glasses had flown off on contact), my Irish temper did not fail me!  I proceeded to curse a blue streak, and honk my horn with wild abandon!  Even in this day and age, I was dismayed by both the 'bad guy' leaving the scene and the fact that no less than three witnesses also left!

Wonder of wonders, a few minutes (seriously, less than THREE minutes) later, there was a plethora of blue lights shining forth from two SUVs bearing the insignia of the Wake County Sheriff's Dept.  "Was it a big pick up truck?" asked the officer in the lead vehicle.  "Yes!" says I, "It was big, and RED, and he hit me really hard!  He went 'that way' *pointing to my right*."  As I was to soon discover, the W.C.S.D. Special Response Team had been running drills on an old farm property less than a half mile away.  They heard the collision and horn honking (and, according to some friends:  my vehement cursing!); and saw the big red truck zipping down the road.  Two units came to my location (and, thankfully, called for the Highway Patrol *over an hour in coming*); while two units pursued and apprehended the scurrilous fiend who has rendered my beloved (and closer to paid off than the amount of damage done to) Cute Ute to the care of Fayetteville Collision (for the better part of a month)!

Captain Kia (er, uhm... CRUNCH)!
Poor baby, Ute!  All crunched up, and to the shop you go!

Long story short (oh, yeah - this could have been MUCH longer):  my sweet ride is in the *extended* process of being repaired, I am in the *extended* process of being repaired (thanks to Schultz Chiropractic), and I am driving the singularly most hideous vehicle I have ever encountered in the interim (oops!  thought I had taken a photo, but I haven't - something to look forward to, then, eh?)... 

Unfortunately, further revelations and recollections will have to wait for another time...  The hour is late, and there is much yet to do before tomorrow sneaks up on me!

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today
(I waited a long time 'til he found me - this year will mark 16 years, 14 of them married!):
"I promise to wait my whole life
for a perfect love,
but keep busy in the meantime."
                                                          - St. Augustine


  1. Penny, how could I? the good the bad and the beautiful. I do agree with others that no matter what you write captivates me. You are definitely on my favorites from here on out. BTW... sorry about your accident. Urgh Hope you are ok.

  2. Ohhh my friend, what tribulations you have been going through! I feel like I was right there with your recant of the experience. I can't believe that schmuck took off from the scene of an accident! I'm glad you weren't hurt worse. I hope the Strawberries sweetened your day a definitely deserve them!! xoxo


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