Saturday, March 5, 2011

Like I Said

One (1) Box + Four (4) Wheels = NITRO my last post, the events of 02/10/2011 have been long-lasting and far-reaching!  I am very grateful that the aforementioned "fiend" had insurance.  I am also grateful that I have been provided with a vehicle during the interminable wait for my own to be repaired.  However, I did not have any idea that I would be provided with what HAS to be the ugliest automobile on the road to 'tide me over.'  Witness the vehicle on loan:  

In the three plus weeks that I have been motor-vating in this beast, until yesterday, I hadn't encountered a single other instance of this car's existence(?)  The one I spied yesterday was in a beautiful shade of burgundy; but the color change did nothing toward the beautification of this automobile ~>:-\  For real:  when I was presented with the keys, I was stumped -- having never even heard of a NITRO!  A new friend (details coming soon - when we get to "the period of Restoration"), observed that it looks like a Storm Trooper Transport Device -- HA!  I couldn't agree more!

Things that make you say "hmmm"...
But, gentle reader, the true irony lies not in the lack of beauty, or the fact that it is indeed like riding around town in a motorized refrigerator box.  The grand stroke of irony in this pitiful situation is this:  It. Is. A. Dodge. *wtf?!?*  Yep...  the Universe responded to the wailing of my soul by placing me in a car manufactured by the same makers as the vehicle that started this mess!  All of which leaves me with the feeling that I am channeling Forrest Gump:  "Ugly is as ugly does!" - LOL!

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Happiness is not the goal,
but the vehicle that helps you arrive on time."
                     - unknown

Photo Notes:  
   Taken using Motorola DROID, standard camera app


  1. Number one, you crack me freakin' up!!! And, number two, I completely and totally agree... Refrigerator! Yikes!

  2. Oh, come's not THAT ugly. I agree with URD above. Penny, you definitely have a way with words...


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