Friday, April 29, 2011

A (not so) Funny Thing Happened On the Way... the idyllic Birthday Beach Getaway (my gift from The Man)!  Namely, the day before our departure, I managed to injure myself - AGAIN!  *grrr!*  SO...  long story, short:  (a) I have some of THE most awesome friends in the Universe *many thanks: DA, MDP, BWM, KJ, and JP* , (b) I am apparently, actually, "growing UP" - as evidenced by a voluntary visit to the most awesome Lakeview Urgent Care, and (c)  I had an absolutely splendid time, in spite of only leaving the room only twice in four days - HA!

So...  when last we met, I had issued a wacky proclamation *h3ll, i'm not selling anything!  {yet?} shouldn't/doesn't really matter HOW many people read my odd ramblings, right?*  I am rather pleased to announce that, although we did not reach the "followers = age the day before b-day" mass that we thought we needed, we DID manage to welcome an impressive number *w00t!  13 - another FAVE!* of new friends!  BIENVENUE!  ...glad to have you ;-)  ANYway...  I figure it does a body good to give, so in that spirit, I will have a most loverly treat for one lucky winner in my next post *i KNOW, i know...  such a tease -- i really do need to 'catch up with myself', tho!*  Just think of it as something cool and mysterious to look forward to, 'k?  It's not everyday that one is given that particular option to mull about, now is it?
...he ain't heavy - he's my bootie!

AYE!, an unfortunate misstep has left me with a major sprain (not to mention the Uber P.I.T.A. of having more meds, more physical discomfort, and more limitations)  *lovely...  juuust lovely!*  If nothing else, 2011 has (thus far) been the 'year of appreciation for various and sundry medical practitioners' -  lol!  Now, it's two weeks down, 1 or 2 more to go, in every fashionista's DREAM footwear:  da' BOOT!

Before I leave you, I wanted to share a glimpse at our fanTABulous retreat to the beach!  We headed out into a beautiful, sunny mid-afternoon on Friday...  A quick stop at the grocery store, on the way in to round out our stores; and we were checked in by 4:00 *sweet!*  First stop?  ...directly to the deck, and the view that makes my heart SING.  I have had the great fortune to witness this view in every season, and it never ceases to amaze!
The shadows of the late afternoon stretch toward the sea

One of the two times I emerged from my haven, we went to a new gallery *thanks, JS!*  It was great to meet Christine, Janet and Mo.  There were many treasures to be had!  However, there is a surprise for The Girl among them; you'll have to wait until after her b-day *ahh!  the enticements continue! - hee, hee* mayhap the most memorable - due to the approaching weather - was the incredible clanging of the hand-forged wind chimes along the store-front side walk!  The wind was really blowing.  The weather forecast had called for scattered thunderstorms through the day, but we had enjoyed clear, sunny skies all day ~>:-?  Little did we know what all that wind meant elsewhere!  History was made on my birthday; not the 'good' kind, though :-\  After returning to our lovely environs by the sea, we caught the approach of the rain...  There was booming thunder and crackling lightning - accompanied by sheets of rain.  Dusk came early with roiling clouds filling the sky!  A very impressive storm; not at ALL what was taking place back home!  *i believe the final count on the tornado touch-downs of 04/16/11 was 62 throughout a swath of eastern NC!?!*
The welcoming entrance of Artful Living Group

It was what happened when it stopped raining that made this storm so truly awesome!  As the storm clouds moved away from the coast, they appeared to become a wall of lightning -- with brilliant streaks coursing through the mass of churning clouds.  At times, the moon (2 days short of full) would glow from between the shifting, thick clouds.  We watched this incredible show for over half an hour before it occurred to either of us that there was NO thunder!?!  At roughly the time it ceased pouring down rain; the thunder became more sparse, and quit altogether...  Later still, the cloud bank retreated further out over the ocean, and it was even more visually curious to see a clear, moon-lit, starry sky ABOVE the still-crackling wall of clouds on the water -- and the only sound was the steady rolling of waves onto the shore -- almost eerie...  I did manage to get a half-decent video with my camera before the battery died :-?  It went on for over 4 HOURS.  We were still marveling over it Sunday morning; when Kevin spoke to our Inn Keeper, who declared that he had lived on the east coast most of his life and never seen anything like it.  I somehow felt more justified in my slack-jawed amazement *the video does not do it justice!  ...and it get better just after the middle - not proficient at editing, just yet ;-) *

Sunday was markedly different in the weather department!  The ocean, which had been fairly choppy since our arrival, looked more like a LAKE than the sea!?!  The sky was a crystalline blue, with n'ary a cloud to be seen.  Still quite windy, and much cooler *and this was the first time i can remember leaving home w/o a denim shirt in my truck - derp!*  

The near-full moon rising o'er a peaceful sea.

This was the first time we have gone here that I didn't walk on the beach, or out to the end of the pier :-\  And while I had packed them 'just in case,' we didn't fly kites this trip either.  On the other hand, it was a most incredibly relaxing weekend -- tended to like a Queen, I was ;-)  We read (check the Shelfari book case for the latest!), we enjoyed great music and good food, and we spent a few *very rare!* days with minimal intrusion via phone/fax/e-mail/etc...  All around a wonderful trip.  I am quite the lucky girl!  I was gifted with birthday greetings from near and far, and capped off the evening with a totally decadent desert!  Ahhh, as I say *quite regularly* Life IS Good!

Mmm, mmm - chocolate cake & red wine!
I hope that you all enjoyed a revitalizing Easter, and I leave you now with the warmest of wishes for all of your days!

Onward & Upaward,

Words of wisdom for today:

"As every thread of gold is valuable,
so is every minute of time."
                                             - Mason

   Photo Notes:
   Gallery photo and Video taken with my trusty Panasonic Lumix (DMC-ZS1) - Remaining Photos taken with the Motorola DROID using the Vignette Demo App, set to random frames and auto flash.

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