Sunday, April 10, 2011

Light-Bu'b Moment!

Greetings, Blog Land!

I logged in, today, only to discover a pretty cool thing!  I currently have 21 followers *w00t!*  Here's why this is so cool:  IF *...and I know it might be a stretch* I reach 42 followers by next Friday (04/15), I will have a number of 'followers' equaling my age!

On Saturday, April 16th, 2011 I will become 43 (interestingly enough, 4+3=7 - a prime number -- not to mention, my FAV-O-RITE one!) -- Sooo, I thought we might have our 1st ever, Happy Birthday Give-Away!  Here's how it would work:  If you are already a 'follower,' just invite a friend to follow along on our meandering journey through the Swiss Cheese that is my thought process; and leave a comment that you have added a new artistic adventurer.  If you are not yet a 'follower,' just sign on and leave a comment that you have joined us!  if we reach 42 by Friday, I will put together a suitable item to 'gift' the lucky follower, next Monday (winner to be selected by Wito the Wonderdog).  I have an extremely cool thing in mind; but might very well come up with something even better by then - ya' never know?!?

SO...  if you feel so inclined, bring a friend; and we will continue our artful journey together!  Someone will win a groovy, cool treat to help me celebrate my b-day; and we will forge on -- new discoveries to mine, and visual treats to unveil!


  1. I have read every thing you have blogged and yet I was not following you. Alas now I am all the way from Massachusetts!

    I do enjoy reading all you blog.


  2. I confess to the same! I thought I was following you, (as I do, in "real life"!)but I wasn't. I am now. Yay. Good luck with your journey to 43. 'Can't wait to hear how Wito will choose the winner.

  3. I hope I am a follower!! I can't tell this morning...
    I love your blog and always visit! Happy almost 43!! Many, many blessings!!

  4. Thank you, ladies! CAB -- you've been lurking!?! Glad to 'see' you, here! MDP: I have a plan for her -- just hope it works - ha! many thanks, O!
    - penny

  5. I'm a new follower :)

    I'll see if I can get a friend to come over ;)

    Happy (early) Birthday!!!

  6. Sorry to have missed your birthday!
    AND now that foot in a boot.
    Hang in there, literally and something will BE in your art from it! Maybe the boot?
    Moby Dick lady!


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