Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visual Journal Workshop #1 - C'est Finis!

Happy Weekend, Blog friends!

I am happy to report that my work(s) in the Strathmore Visual Journal Online Workshop #1 ("Recycled Journal Pages" with Pam Carriker) is finished! *w00t!*  Not only are the spreads I created for this class done; but I also managed to work in an ALL NEW spread -- beautifully tangled with some of my favorite Zentangle patterns!  Life is GOOD!  This whole experience has been great fun; and like any new experience, has added even more ideas to the grist-mill of my mind!

Week #4 * - Spread 1 of 3
"B-ing Me"
* technically, this one was done @ Week #3
We'll begin again where we started last time, looking at the 'hows and whys' of the developmental changes in following along with an online instructor...  The first spread in this series completed in this Workshop was really 'finished' after week #3.  This one was borne of itself, and seemed to take form without a whole lot of thinking on my part ~>:-?  I love it when things fall together this way; but it is one of those totally unpredictable things...  Life would be EVEN better if everything advanced as smoothly as this particular piece of work!

Week #4 * - Spread 2 of 3
"Bloom Where You're Planted"
The second piece has been an 'on again - off again' love from the beginning...  The base image inspired it all; and the security envelope additions really added to the 'feel.'  I scared myself with the addition of the initial pastel layer; but was relieved to see the vast improvement following the 1st gesso wash.  Week 3 drove me to the edge, again!  But it seems like it all smoothed out with some more tweaking...  I love the finish -- I used the suggested paint pens to write over the previous pastel/gesso treatments; and (although I probably won't do a whole lot of it) enjoyed trying out Pam's lettering style for the over-writing.  The first three letters of "planted" were outlined with a copper metallic paint pen as highlighting, as they are my initials.  Overall, I am happy with this :-)

Week #4 * - Spread 3 of 3
"This Bird has Flown" - OR - "Pieces of the Sky"
My third spread was a 'late comer' to the game; but it actually gave me the proper stance in relation to the techniques presented in the class (i.e. reworking an existing piece of work to tell another story).  I really took that task to hand with this spread; and LOVE the final outcome!  This is the first time I have ever done anything 'in memory' of someone...  It is hard to lose someone, regardless of their role in your life; but to lose one of your own 'brood' (?) words fail me!  Still wrestling with the title, here -- vacillating between "This Bird has Flown" and "Pieces of the Sky".  Both have their righteous claims; but it may be that this is a conversation best resolved internally - knowwhatimean?

Bonus Entry
"Art is Good for Your Heart!"
Last, but most certainly not least, is this sweet 'jewel-baby' *ooh, I am channelling the Uber Brother!*...  The initial image here was a snippet from Remedy magazine *and NO, I don't know why I get it -- it just shows up* featuring an EKG line issuing from a syringe.  Odd?  Sure...  Inspiring?  You betcha!  I knew, when I first laid it down on an angle (and extended the EKG line with a blue Sharpie), that it wanted to be 'tangled!'  I have done some smaller, "real Zentangles" (defined as: black ink on a 3.5 x 3.5 in. 'tile') as simple, relaxation exercises for the past couple of evenings -- it really is a neat way to decompress!  I love how this came together.  Several of these patterns I had never executed before this journal spread.  Using Zentangle is like playing with an amazing jigsaw puzzle (with over 250 'pieces,' and counting) that you can put together a bazillion different ways, and it looks different EVERY time!

 I am already looking forward to jumping into the 2nd Strathmore Workshop:  Linda Blinn's "Start Where You Are" -- although, it seems to me that that would have been the one to 'start' with :-\  *oops, there I go -- thinking, again!?!*  That should give us more to consider and enjoy :-)  It's not too late to play along!  If you want an 'invite' to the Online Workshops at Strathmore's Online Workshops, give me a shout -- I don't know why one has to be 'invited'; but I am happy to help, if you decide to flex your creative muscles with some new ideas and techniques.

Until next time, I wish you happiness and sunshine!

Onward & Upaward,

Words of wisdom for today:

"Love is a canvas furnished by nature
and embroidered by imagination."
                                             - Voltaire

   Photo Notes:
   All photos taken with my trusty Panasonic Lumix (DMC-ZS1) - set to natural light, with slow sync/red eye flash.


  1. Love your post and your work! Really special to you, too, I think. You sure are accomplishing so much and so glad to see you having time for your art. Your Take 25 piece was just fabulous!

  2. Thanks SO much Jeanne! It is rather ironic that the accident was the 'doorway' to having more time to create (as I am somewhat limited in how 'physical' I can be, for now) :-? I suppose that there is something to be thankful for in ANY situation, eh? I appreciate your comments and observations!
    - p

  3. Wow Penny!
    These journal pages are awesome!!

  4. Thanks, O! That means a lot coming from you! Sure do hope I get to see your sweet self on Thursday ~>:-?

  5. Love that you followed through with this class (I watched all the "classes" at least!) and love what you created. Really love the birds and your tangles! Bravo!

  6. Thanks, sweet Kim!
    I am hardly following the time-line for the offerings from Strathmore; but am nearly half-way through the 2nd class, now... It is an excellent exercise in getting familiar with different materials/techniques! ...gearing up for a new post w/ some new pix - one more thing, one more thing *ha!*
    - p


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