Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Realizations, Revelations, and being Resolved - Part 3 of 3

There was much chatter on the interweb in the weeks leading up to the New Year about OLW (One Little Word) - or - choosing one's "action word" for year...  Initially, I thought it too much like a "Resolution" to bother with, as I gave up making resolutions many moons ago.  *self-fulfilling failures and what-not*  In my scratching about to finalize my thoughts on the return to blogging, however, the notion of having "A Word" to (a) symbolize my passage through this year, (b) serve as an alphabetic 'totem'/touchstone, or (c) represent the intention of mindfulness as I do what it is I do on this big blue ball, began to appeal to me.  This may strike some as funny, as I am not generally known for being a woman of few words.  *much less only ONE - seriously!?*  I have warmed to the idea, though.  I don't suppose it will be a big surprise that I have chosen a word, and a few of its 'companions' as my OLW.  You could think of it as a 'root' word, its variations as leafy off-shoots of its central meaning.

Light shall be my OLW; its variants (enlighten, alight, lightening, lighten, lightning, etc.), like ripples in a pond, serve as extensions of the central theme.  What has come before in this series (Realizations, Revelations) speaks of this intent, and it is my fervent wish that all that comes after will bear the fruits of its manifestation.

Being Resolved

Whereas, I   Penny Arrowood    wish to be a light, and
Whereas, it is my stated goal in the year 2013 to lighten the load of my hearth & home, and
Whereas, I fully desire to be a point of light for those I meet along the Journey, and
Whereas, it is my wish to be alight with the joy of creating, and
Whereas, I am determined to continue to learn and grow ever closer to Enlightenment,
     *even if not by leaps and bounds, but by mere millimetres* and

Whereas, it is my heart's desire keep a light in the window for those we love, and
Whereas, I am dedicated to lighting the fire of creative bliss among fellow creatives, and
Whereas, the child in me will always seek lightning bugs at dusk, and
Whereas, I seem to have run out of variations of My Word *for the moment,*

Therefore be it resolved that 2013 shall be awash in LIGHT!

Won't you join me?

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

p.s. - If you follow no other link in this post, please do take a look at the final one.  It is well worth the time, and damned near guaranteed to put a smile on your face :)  
p.p.s. - If you did follow them all, and then clicked on "final one" above, I bet you're smiling and tappin' your foot by now  ~>;-)

Words of wisdom for today:

"But I also say this: 

that light is an invitation to happiness, and that happiness, when it's done right,

is a kind of holiness, palpable and redemptive."

                                      - Mary Oliver

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   "Idea Balloon" altered image from Microsoft Office Images, style # 1147.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).
   "Time Flies" altered image composite, original images from The Graphics Fairy.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).


  1. Beautiful! Truly well chosen. I think I will adopt it as my own for this year, giving credit to you of course :)

  2. I love this concept!! And I loved the 'final one'... I needed that today... it was just the perfect thing to start this morning!

  3. @SpicySweet: Thank you! Adopt away :)
    @Rani Primmer: YAY! That quote from M. Williamson is a long time favorite of mine -- to have found it attached to Ms. Odetta belting out "This Little Light of Mine" was serendipitous, indeed ;)
    - pla


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