Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It Won't Be Long, Now...

So much has happened since our last virtual visit, and I want nothing more that to catch you up on all of that; but there is a *not so much* little matter that has me busting my buttons -- and that just must, Must, MUST come first!  In exactly three weeks from today, I will get off an airplane in KOREA!  ...I will then proceed to soak up as much of the adopted country of our youngest as humanly possible in the almost two weeks allotted to me in said place.  This trip was a gift from my beloved (a combo Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday gift of EPIC proportions)!  I am so very excited!  She is so very excited!  Why then do I feel as tho' I am in some interminable time warp -- plenty of time...  no worries...  E.G.B.A.R. *

Sh*t just got REAL!
...and lucky for me, I found my Passport
Mayhap it is because this week is the first in recent memory that I have not been burning up the road, running like mad to work on one of the many projects that includes my hands (?)  After all, in a mere week and half after my return my creative cohorts, Jean & Jodi, and myself will welcome the inaugural class of ReMe Students to our magical island experience in Ocracoke, NC!  Much of the past couple of weeks has been dedicated to properly aligning the finishing touches and behind the scenes preparations to accommodate each of our crazy schedules, all while making sure that all of the wonderments we have in store for our guests are lovingly attended to!

A Day of Creativity
...and super secret preparations for ReMe Ocracoke in May

It could also be because in spite of everything else that is going on, I took a leap three weeks ago that resulted in the very first commission work for Arrowood Paper Arts!  ...and if it weren't for all that is already on my plate, I probably would have been in attendance at the very event for which I created these oh-so-lovely Journals!  I have made peace with the fact that I will only be there in spirit *this time!* -- but I am sure that this is only the beginning of wonderful things for the amazing KB and her Whiskey 'n Whimsy offerings.

A Strong Offer Made & Accepted
...I'll be raising a glass of the 'good stuff' to toast the
Whiskey 'n Whimsy kickoff in Lousiville, April 3-5th
My seeming 'disconnect' could have a bit to do, as well, with the wild & wacky wintry weather that discombobulated a whole raft of schedules and left the wonderfully inspiring crew of the CMMAG playing massive catch-up at our February/March mash-up meeting, last week!?  We have SO many amazing things happening this year, and not being able to meet in February was a sizeable wrench in the works!  I'll have more on that in the coming months, but if you are anywhere near Raleigh, NC come September we'll have something incredible for you to enjoy!  *...yeah -- that's a big ol' teaser, right there!*

I thoroughly enjoyed a brief reunion with some fabulous Art Friends on Friday (03/14) when we visited North Raleigh Christian Academy for their Spring Art Fest.  Once again, I shared my love of paper and the wonders it holds for the maker of books; twenty six middle and high school students visited with me to make loads of these li'l lovelies!  Lunch afterward at the incomparable Upper Crust Pie & Bakery was just what the doctor ordered -- good food, great company, and batteries recharged to keep on keepin' on!

Little Things Mean A LOT!
...and are often much larger than we imagine
SO...  I am returning to the many tasks at hand, feeling a bit better for having shared the blessedly blissful happenings in my little corner for the past couple o' weeks.  I hope that you are fully engaged in this wild ride called Life, and that each thing you do puts a little more "happy" in your heart!

Until next time,
Onward & Upward!

* E.G.B.A.R. = Everything Gonna Be All Right -- a gift from The Man & my Mantra on most days!

Words of wisdom for today:

Photo Notes:
   Korea Tourism & Wee Book  - taken with Samsung Galaxy S4
   Whiskey 'n Whimsy Journals  - taken by Kerrie Blazek
   ReMe Creative Day  - taken by Jodi Ohl (Samsung Galaxy S4)

*All photos can be seen in a larger size by clicking on them*


  1. I may adopt that EGBAR! :-) Have fun in Korea! Are we talking ROK or PDROK?

    1. I am not familiar with your acronyms :-? What is this ROK or PDROK? *inquiring minds, and all that...*

    2. AHHH! This rattled around in my noggin all d@mned day!?
      I will be in South (ROK) Korea ;) Loads o' sightseeing planned, but most of my time will be spent in Seoul and the immediate surroundings.

  2. What a wonderful trip you are going to take! I hated to miss the meeting and all that was happening, but I get sick every year about this time with basketball fever!

    What's fun about your blog is that you write like you talk! I so clearly hear your voice in every word!

    Safe travels!


    1. We missed you too, Sandra! ...seems that you are not alone in your B-ball affliction - LOL! Thanks for your kind words! There was a time that I worried about my rambling style -- I have given that up *ha!*


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