Monday, April 7, 2014

...just a song before I go...

So much goodness, and the time seems to pass more quickly every day...  The past couple of weeks have flown by in a flurry of work on every front!  I have been riding a wave of utter joy; mind, hands, and heart occupied with the various tasks at hand.  All the while, marveling over the fact that in x days I would be on the other side of the world!?  The Girl and I are SO very excited, and tomorrow is The Day (!)

In addition to being busy in general, some way cool changes have come into the routine here on the homestead.  The Man and I have started "Greening" -- "Somoothie-ing" just sounds weird *ha!*  Inspired and encouraged by the experiences of a couple of friends, I broached the subject of "juicing" a few weeks ago.  To my utter surprise, The Man agreed to give it a try.  After loads o' research, we decided on the NutriBullet.  We are both beyond pleased with this decision!  To my further amazement, he has *quite bravely* enthusiastically embraced this epicurean adventure.  Now we *who virtually never ate breakfast* have been juicing our way into every day for the past two weeks (less our runaway weekend to The Beer & Bacon Festival, of course)!

Green goodness - now served daily!


Even in so short a time, we have both experienced noticeable results:  increased energy, less desire for "junk" during the day, clearer skin, and a bit of weight loss.  All of which is pretty much a side benefit, as our primary reason for starting this was to increase our intake of 'good stuff' -- we now begin our day with more fruit & vegetable content than we were ingesting in a whole day!  ...amazing, really.  Between the booklet that came with the machine, the recipes from their Blog, and a general idea of what works well together I have been daily concocting highly palatable green beverages that have us both feeling incredible!  I am really going to miss this beginning to the day while I am away.

I took some time today to construct a vessel for the Big Adventure.  It turned out to be a grand, chunky affair -- with plenty of room for notes, sketches, photos, and the sundry accumulations of interesting bits guaranteed when traveling.  

It's a lovely mashup of assorted things I already had.

A handy pocket holds daily cards, pre-punched for easy addition
to the proper area when needed.
Washi tapes, at the ready, housed on the empty backing sheets
from used shipping labels.
An assortment of decorative papers, watercolor paper, linedwriting papers, and blank card stock all come together in a
substantial, handy, totally customized Travel Journal!
Another nifty travel arrangement:  I found a fabulous Bluetooth keyboard that works with both my phone and my tablet *schweeet!*  In case you may wonder, gentle reader, why this matters in the least it is this:  I will be equipped and ready for Blogging Abroad!  Camera packed, tablet and charger at the ready, and a handy-dandy power converter (along with an equally spiffy Global Data Plan); I will embark fully fortified as a Life Reporter.  With my gadgets and my swell journal in hand, my memories shall be well attended to; I look forward to sharing the sights, as I venture to the adopted land of my *not so* wee one!  I am one lucky gal -- and I know it!  When I set out on the morrow for the grandest trip to date, I will venture forth wrapped in the loving thoughts and best wishes of a cadre of family and friends, and the hearty blessings and amazing love of my Beloved.  It really doesn't get much better than that!

Love, good wishes, and plenty of portable sanitary goods!
Life is good, indeed.
I'll be seeing you!

Onward & Upward,

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