Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mea culpa...

Hale and hearty greetings, Blog Land!

In my last post, I enthused o'er my new-found technological doo-dad that would allow me to blog from my travels across the sea to Seoul.  Upon landing and getting settled in, I realized that the doo-dad was at home -- many miles/hours away *oops!*  "No worries," I said to myself upon returning home, "I'll get a post up before the next Big Thing (a.k.a. the inaugural gathering of ReMe students/guests in Ocracoke)."  Alas, time did fly amidst the preparations for said Big Thing, and no post was forthcoming.

I have now returned from THAT adventure with even MORE goodness to share, and felt it only right and proper to let you know that it is coming -- all in good time *or...  all in my best efforts to be timely (?)*

It would appear that my 46th year is to be A Year of Great Firsts!  I look forward to sharing each of them with you, right here!  One of them is actually happening right now *multitasking to the Nth degree, today!*  So...  I will leave you with a few 'sneak peeks' of the visual merriments that are to come, and we can look forward to a lengthier visit in the not too distant future!

Magical Moments with Meggie
...snippets of the time spent in Seoul
with our sweet girl!
Scenes from ReMe - Ocracoke, May '14
...barely scratching the surface of the wonderments of the week!
More coming, soon!  

Onward & Upward,

Words of wisdom for today:

"I am not the same having seen the moon shine
on the other side of the world."
                                    - Mary Anne Radmacher

Photo Notes:
    All Photos  - taken with Samsung Galaxy S4
    ReMe Group Shot - by Deborah Belica

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