Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shifting Gears

In the words of my sweet Grandma:  "My STARS!?" does indeed boggle the mind that our last visit was way, WAY back in July!  I can only assure you that I have been nowhere near as idle as this blog.  Things are well and happy in HoCo, and there has been much in the way of work in all areas -- with, again, the glaringly obvious exception of here.  It seems as though I did that weird "sharing-on-Facebook-because-it's-so-d@mned-easy" thing for longer than I realized.  Mea culpa!  In the words of my own *mostly* sweet self:  "Onward & Upward!"

One of the many things that gobbled up much of my time was the finalization of work for a new show.  As is the case for so many of my fellow artists, I seem to be a pro at the 11th hour dash.  Knowing that the deadline was so far away in January seemed to have fogged my vision.  The back-burner was well out of reach until the time became crucial.  My vision cleared, and work began in earnest.  In the words of my sweet *and equally wise* Mother:  "It always takes longer than you think."  ...and it did...  I could not be more pleased with with the outcome, though!

This suite was created for the CMMAG High Tea Exhibit during SPARKcon in Raleigh this past weekend.  The Guild also has a 2-D, hanging show in the Blake Street Shops through the end of September.  Between preparation and openings for these, workshops, demos,  regular meetings for various involvements, and the day-to-day doings of TSG and home, things have been a bit hectic 'round here.  There is something magical about having so much going on, though!  I don't necessarily want to live in 'overdrive' -- but it does feel good to have the ol' machine running wide open once and while.  It's rather invigorating to blow out the cob-webs and empty the tank -- it leaves one wide open for a bit of reflection before gearing up to ready for the next wave.

The next wave is quite the literal reference, as in merely a month I will be bound for the glorious outer reaches of the Outer Banks of NC -- it is nearly time for the ReMe Redux!  We will return to scenic Ocracoke Island for our final event of 2014.  We have two spots available for the week of October 20 - 25.  Hop over to the ReMe Blog for all the details you need to grab them!

Ocracoke in the fall is a lovely time!  Being a native of NC, I am spoiled by the luxury of the nearness of the ocean year-round.  For folks from other parts of the country, a beach retreat in October may sound the height of silliness.  In reality, Autumn comes late (if at all) to the eastern portion of NC.  It is not uncommon to remain in shirtsleeves until after Thanksgiving.  The average temperature on Ocracoke in October is a daily low of 60 and a daily high of 73 -- utter perfection!

If you, or someone you dearly love, is in need of some Rest, Relaxation, and Renewal please give a thought to joining us.  ReMe Ocracoke October is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be inspired and indulged during a week by shore -- surrounded by people who 'get you' like no others.  Good food, guest speakers, top notch art instruction, grand adventures, and personal discovery await you.  What better way to be rested and refreshed for the quickly approaching holiday season?  JUMP!  We'll save a rocking chair for you :)

Should you have any questions or need any additional information, just give us a shout:  If telephonic is more your speed, please include a contact number and the best time to reach you -- we'll happily give you a call.

With that, I will take my leave -- but let's do this again, sooner than later eh?   The above is a little teaser...  How better to ensure my rapid return, than to have something ready to share with you?  *schweeet!  ...n'est ce pas?*

Onward & Upward!

Words of wisdom for today:

"Happiness often
sneaks in through a door
you didn't know you left open."

                                    - John Barrymore

Photo Notes:
    Ocracoke Rocking Chairs - by Jodi Ohl
    Ocracoke, 2013 - by PLA - taken with Nikon D-5100     remainder - by PLA - taken with Samsung Galaxy S4

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