Saturday, July 19, 2014

On This Day in 1997

...I married my Beloved.  It was a sweltering Saturday in '97.  We were surrounded by family and friends - his, mine, and ours - many of whom are no longer with us.  In many ways, it seems as if we have been married forever; in just as many more, it seems like it could have been a matter of weeks ago!  It was a most mightily amazing day, and the days hence are like so many pearls - some the acme of perfection, others not quite perfect but perfectly acceptable.

The Arrowoods, ca. 1997

From then to now, we have had traveled the pathways of this Life together in all things:  great joys, bitter losses, happinesses (grand and wee), sadnesses (which always seem oh, so large in their moments), immense pride in the accomplishments of our children (and the much rarer angst for their lesser days), the always-exciting-adventures that come from owning one's own business(es), and various and sundry hits & misses - highs & lows - wins & losses!  I cannot imagine that there is another human on this spinning hunk o' rock with whom I could have ever managed any, nay all, of these incredible feats!

I can hardly wait to see what comes next as we continue to love and laugh and live and grow and learn and be together.

With all of my most grateful heart,

Onward & Upward!

Words of wisdom for today:

"I am my beloved's
and my beloved is mine..

                                    - Song of Solomon, 6:3

Photo Notes:
    The Arrowoods - by Shawn Arrowood
   *with my apologies, as it is a photo of the photo*

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