Monday, December 29, 2014

Twelve Years On

Dan Michael Arrowood
1982 - 2002
Twelve years gone.  Some days, it seems so much newer -- this loss, this wound.  It just doesn't seem possible that you have been gone for more than half of the time that you were here.  Some days, I catch myself in the act of wanting to tell you something amazing -- something I just know would interest/humor/intrigue you -- books, music, movies...

We treasure the memories -- the good and the bad.  You were not perfect, but you were perfectly you!  It was a privilege to know you, my honor to call you a son, and utter joy to recall all that was good and bright and lovely. 

In celebration of you, dearest.  Today we remember.

Onward & Upward,

Words of wisdom for today:

"You have not forgotten to remember;
You have remembered to forget.
But some people can forget to forget.
That is just as important as remembering to remember
-- and generally more practical
                                    - Idries Shah

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