Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just a Normal 2nd Thursday -- Until it Wasn't!

Greetings, Blog-Land!  I hope that all and sundry are well and happy, and joyfully ensconced in the merriments of the Season.  I return to you with MUCH more to share than the time to lay it all out, but this is most awesome news and needs be shared post-haste!  

Last week, I went about my business with work, and various projects, and my ongoing quest to be Christmas-ready, and preparations for the big, year-end wrap-up for the CMMAG.  As one does.  Our December meeting is always a large, fun gathering -- a mix of business and pleasure, with great food and incredible company.  As I have for the past few years, I was also readying for an afternoon with the younger set; I had planned the activity for the after school program at the Chavis Community Center prior to the meeting.  The Christmas party that we host for the after school bunch is as much fun as our own!
Happy, wee artists
...enjoying pizza apres creative adventures in card making

The afternoon went swimmingly!  The pizza was ready when I stopped at Sam's to pick it up.  MDP  and I pulled into the parking lot at the SAME time *cool and yet a wee bit spooky.*  We had a great group of kids and helpful hands from the Staff.  Everyone got to finish at least one (most made two) of the days project:  hand made Christmas cards featuring fingerprint wreaths.  There was plenty of food, drinks, and treats for all who attended.  Clean up went quickly and smoothly.  Happy faces all around!  

The progression to the Guild meeting was much the same.  Although, we did have a change of venue (a different meeting room) due to the freakish heat situation in the room that normally houses us.  Plenty of helpful hands for the set up and preparation for our meeting/party.  Folks filing in laden with gifts, food, arty bits to share, door prizes -- truly, just your normal *albeit, holiday time* gathering of the CMMAG.  Things got underway, recognitions given, Secret Santa gifts exchanged, door prizes enough for EVERYONE, and great food all highlighted our final meeting of the year.

A late item on the Agenda looked interesting:  Surprise  -- I had absolutely no idea what was coming.  *DUH -- that's why it was a "Surprise" -- at least part of why, anyway...*  Seriously,  in spite of being on the Board, I had no clue what this referenced.  Which is why, when our beloved Founder (Jeanne Rhea) stood to take the lectern, I sort of freaked out -- I had a moment of panic, thinking that she and her husband had sold their house and were leaving NC (this is not beyond the pale, as the plan had in fact previously existed but *mercifully and unexpectedly* changed).  *WHEW!*  That's not at ALL what happened...

She spoke with fondness to the efforts of everyone throughout the year, and her extreme pleasure in the spirit of our organization.  The thanked the Board for its ongoing efforts to improve and expand the reach of the Guild.  She then referenced an idea that had been mentioned a few times over the past couple of years:  the establishment of an award for exemplary service to the Guild.  I smiled and nodded, having proposed this notion during my service as President.  I assumed, with all of my travel this year, I had missed the discussion that brought this to being.  She spoke of dedication and generosity, willing spirit and such.  I was more excited by the moment, anticipating who would receive this newly fledged honor.  I was thinking of all of the new people who have joined, and longer standing members who have 'upped their game' in the past year, stepping into new roles and sharing more of their talents.  I was thinking about how much this group has changed, and yet is still so much the same as when I joined *has it really been 8 years ago!?*  As Michelle handed her this gorgeous piece of art glass (there really is no other way to describe it), I was giddily immersed in what a beautiful thing was happening. much so that when she turned to me, and said that that is why the Guild was presenting me with the 1st Founder's Award I was STUNNED!

I now offer my profound apologies to all who were actually there.  The most I can remember about what I said was that (a) "Oh. My. GOD." was a prominent refrain, and (b) I seemed unable to say "...but not for me" over and over.  I did manage to finally produce a sodden 'thank you', but cannot imagine  that it made much sense...  As noted (with a bit of consternation by friends), my FB status was no more illuminating  than "Mind BLOWN!" for a few days...

I am humbled by this honor.  I am deeply appreciative of the words inscribed upon this award:  "In appreciation of her dedication, hard work, innovations, and continuous service to the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild..."  My thanks to members past, present, and future for their being a part of this amazing organization.  I have said on more than one occasion that my membership in this guild is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Its value to me is beyond measure.  I have made some of the most incredible friendships of my life in the past eight years.  I have learned new things, experienced amazing oppurtunities, and grown as both an artist and a person as result of my time in this Tribe.   Thank you to the members and the Board (with whom it is my immense pleasure to work).  Thank you to my husband (a veritable fount of patience in all things Guild-y).  Thank you.  

Onward & Upward,

Words of wisdom for today:

"One must from time to time
attempt things that are beyond one's capacity
                                    - Auguste Renoir

Photo Notes:
   Happy & wee  - taken with Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS1
   Award  -
taken with Samsung Galaxy S4, standard camera app
   all photos color adjusted and cropped in IrfanView


  1. Congratulations, Penny! I know it was well-deserved.

    1. Thanks, Zoe -- it certainly was a "Surprise!"

  2. Congrats, Penny! That's awe inspiring and well deserved, I'm sure!! xo


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