Friday, January 25, 2013

...and Staying Uplugged

*whew!*  This week has been a whirlwind of catching up, figuring out, and planning for what comes next!  I have discovered a few things along the way...  I will have to share those with you a bit later, as I am off -- on the road, again!  This weekend holds a much anticipated (and looong overdue) visit with The Girl!

...but I encountered a poem this morning that yearned to be shared:

     The dignity of desire

      Dive into the thin air of hope
      long for it
      like a tree's roots dig
      for drink       don't pretend
      you don't need it
      you need it
      but don't expect it to look
      like the movie that plays
      on the screen
      of your skull
      your job is not to find it
      only to let yourself
      be found
      to find strength
      in begging
      for love.
                  -Samantha Reynolds, 

I love that as I make my way along this Journey there are signposts from those who have gone before...  Just last night, as I spoke to my Auntie V to wish her a happy birthday (71 -- how did THAT happen!?), we talked about how the older one gets the faster the time seems to pass.  Are you taking time to look for the 'signposts'?  Are you dragging your heels at every opportunity to make each little happiness, each gift of beauty/love/grace last as long as possible?  Savor!  Treasure!  Hold tight!  There is incredible goodness in this world -- our only task is to be as 'open' to it as we are to all the horrific news that churns on and on and on.

Here is a sampling of some goodness that gave me hope, this weekhope for our youth (we need more news of 'good guys' like these!),  hope for greater kindness (we need more news of bravery/kindness like this!), and hope for us all (because love IS for everyone!).

SO...  What has given you hope, this week?  Have you experienced something that made you feel more hopeful, or reaffirmed your own vision?  Share it with me!  In this world that has become so connected to the next news cycle, what little thing(s) bring its beauty and magic back to you?

I'd love to hear what the signposts look like on your part of the trail!

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:

"Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel
And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me
And I'm feeling good
I'm feeling good.

                                      - as sung by Nina Simone
p.s. - I'll be back with all of the aforementioned 'shareable goods' in the next week or so...  For right now, "I'm flyin' high.  ...and I'm feelin' good."

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