Friday, January 25, 2013

...and Staying Uplugged

*whew!*  This week has been a whirlwind of catching up, figuring out, and planning for what comes next!  I have discovered a few things along the way...  I will have to share those with you a bit later, as I am off -- on the road, again!  This weekend holds a much anticipated (and looong overdue) visit with The Girl!

...but I encountered a poem this morning that yearned to be shared:

     The dignity of desire

      Dive into the thin air of hope
      long for it
      like a tree's roots dig
      for drink       don't pretend
      you don't need it
      you need it
      but don't expect it to look
      like the movie that plays
      on the screen
      of your skull
      your job is not to find it
      only to let yourself
      be found
      to find strength
      in begging
      for love.
                  -Samantha Reynolds, 

I love that as I make my way along this Journey there are signposts from those who have gone before...  Just last night, as I spoke to my Auntie V to wish her a happy birthday (71 -- how did THAT happen!?), we talked about how the older one gets the faster the time seems to pass.  Are you taking time to look for the 'signposts'?  Are you dragging your heels at every opportunity to make each little happiness, each gift of beauty/love/grace last as long as possible?  Savor!  Treasure!  Hold tight!  There is incredible goodness in this world -- our only task is to be as 'open' to it as we are to all the horrific news that churns on and on and on.

Here is a sampling of some goodness that gave me hope, this weekhope for our youth (we need more news of 'good guys' like these!),  hope for greater kindness (we need more news of bravery/kindness like this!), and hope for us all (because love IS for everyone!).

SO...  What has given you hope, this week?  Have you experienced something that made you feel more hopeful, or reaffirmed your own vision?  Share it with me!  In this world that has become so connected to the next news cycle, what little thing(s) bring its beauty and magic back to you?

I'd love to hear what the signposts look like on your part of the trail!

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:

"Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel
And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me
And I'm feeling good
I'm feeling good.

                                      - as sung by Nina Simone
p.s. - I'll be back with all of the aforementioned 'shareable goods' in the next week or so...  For right now, "I'm flyin' high.  ...and I'm feelin' good."

Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Unplugged...

SO...  After a week of unprecedented blogging, I am leaving you *told you that wouldn't be the 'new normal'- ha!*  However, I will still be blogging!  Oh, yes, I can hear the head scratching!?  "Huh?"

Check this out:

I am joining the Pilot 'Power to the Pen' movement!
For more information, visit:

It is my fervent hope that my efforts will also yield sufficient material for my return to The Sketchbook Project.  I have registered for the new program, designed around targeted tours.  The "Fill Me With..." project is slated to go on the road in late August/early September of this year, with "tour stops" in Memphis, TN (08/29/2013), St. Louis, MO (08/30/2013), and Indianapolis, IN (09/01/2013).  

I previously participated in The Sketchbook Project 2012 with a group of Guild pals.  My contribution was subsequently selected for the inaugural installation of the mini-mobile tours in the "A Landmark & A Mission" tour that visited Pittsburgh, PA (11/16/2012),  Ann Arbor, MI (11/17/2012), and Cleveland, OH (11/18/20012). 

So...  Enjoy all the beauty life has to offer, and I'll 'see' you here in about a week -- with loads of cool share-worthy bits :)

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"The sea that calls
all things unto her
calls me,
and I must embark.

                                      - Kahlil Gibran

Image Notes:
   "Monitor" image from Pilot's Power to the Pen.
   "Hand w/ Pen"  image from Microsoft Office Images, style # 1147. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Funnies


...just thought I would share a few nuggets from 'net that have brought a chuckle in the past few days!  Enjoy :)

...hee, hee, heeee!

For more visual hilarity, visit the Pudgies online!
I admit, I am biased in my love of these wee 'toons - they are the brainchildren of The Girl!

What would the weekend be without a little Steve Miller?


Wishing you a Friday that tickles your funny bone, and weekend that makes you smile throughout the coming week!

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Seven days without laughter
makes one weak.

                                     - Mort Walker

p.s. - Nay, NAY!  I have not forgotten my promise to share more of the fantabulous gift I received, last night; today is a wild one, and it is doing its best to get away from me.  There WILL be sharing -- it's too incredible/beautiful/amazing to keep to myself!  If anyone stumbles across a big ol' bucket of time laying around, I am sure that it belongs to me ;)  Please give it back!

Image Notes:
   Sources noted for each, with the exception of the Steve Miller Venn Diagram
   *bad, Penny!  I have no idea from whence it came!*

Thursday, January 10, 2013


WOW!  I feel sort of 'lop-sided,' tonight...  It's an odd mix of deliriously happy, veiled in the lightest whisper of melancholy.  After four (4) glorious *sometimes harrowing* years at the helm of the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG), I relinquished the 'invisi-gavel' to my dear friend, and its new leader, Michelle Davis Petelinz.  It has been quite a ride!  I can hardly wait to see where we go, next.  If you had told me 6 years ago that I would not only be a member of an art guild, but its President for four years, I would have laughed my @ss right off!?  The lessons learned and gifts received in these years have been innumerable.  I have made incredible friends, experienced amazing things, and created some of my best work to date -- all as a result of being a part of this amazing community!  The sheer power of a group of like-minded individuals is astounding to me!  Trans-formative -- that's the only word I have for what my membership in this group has been for me...

Way back in 2007, I met a few kindred souls (JS, TJ & AS) at my very first Art & Soul experience.  It was great to find out that there were a few crazy art gals right down the road from me.  J & A invited me & T to attend a meeting of the CMMAG, after we returned home.  The Guild then is unrecognizable to me in comparison with the Guild as it is today.  At my 2nd meeting, I was observed writing notes (simply because that is the only hope I have of remembering things), and was instantly dubbed The Secretary -- a role I filled through 2008.  I thoroughly enjoyed being the intrepid reporter of all things Guild-y, and there were plenty of things to report!

The NC Art & Soul contingient, ca. 2011
I met JS, TJ, and AS at Art & Soul, Hapmton VA in '07

From mid-2007 through 2008 we grew and grew.  That growth signaled the need for some additional structure; mid-2008, we set about forming a set of By-Laws, establishing Committees, and formalizing our Board (adding a VP and Members at Large).  We grew out of Ornamentea, where we overwhelmed their classroom but not their generosity -- they remain a great FOG (Friend of the Guild). 

Seeking more room for our burgeoning membership, we also acquired another incredible FOG:  Jerry's Artarama of Raleigh.  CMMAG entered into partnership with Jerry's in the fall of 2008, by providing what has since become a bookend to our year - we became the 'Service & Support' team on the workshop side of Art of the Carolinas (AoC).  Prepping the classrooms and keeping them supplied with water were our primary duties - but this crew knows how to 'bring it,' so we also offered a "Make and Take" area for folks to experiment when not in their classes.  That was the beginning of another beautiful relationship for the Guild, we partnered with Strathmore Artists Papers (who provided us with ATC blanks) to offer The Great ATC Make & Take!  ...and the rest, as they say, is history.  Last year (2012) marked our FIFTH year in this role at AoC - acknowledged by virtually everyone involved as our best year, yet!  We have seen several changes, since that first year:  upgraded digs (we have our own room!), loads of new Vendor Sponsors, and expanded hours (we added Art Journaling After Hours in 2011).  One thing has remained the same though, folks LOVE to come together under the banner of creativity - give them the chance to do so, and you will  have a party on  your hands!

Merry little elves!
Sharon DiGiulio sharing the Jerry's love of CMMAG, ca. 2010

Our partnership with Jerry's was win/win, and the Guild found a new home - meeting monthly in the classroom there, we worked together to spread the word of the wonder that is the CMMAG.  Special thanks to our resident "secret weapon," Sharon DiGiulio - Event Coordinator for Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh.  Sharon has been an invaluable element in the expansion of both our membership (telling everyone she knows what an amazing group this is) and our offerings (being an incredible advocate for making more room for art and artists in the day-to-day grind).  In addition to becoming the home of the CMMAG, Sharon and Jerry's also provided a launching pad for many of our number to become Instructors (provding demos and workshops under the Jerry's banner) - one of those fortunate souls was yours truly; 2013 will mark my 3rd year as a workshop instructor, there.  During the course of our 'residence' at Jerry's, we hosted book signings, play-days, member challenges, and built a presence for ourselves in the existing Arts Community in the Raleigh area.  All of which put us in a familiar place by the end of 2009:  we needed more room!

Enter the Chavis Community Center (CCC), a facility within the City of Raleigh Parks & Recreation Department.  One of our members was also the Assistant Director at the time, and facilitated our transition to their facility by way of some creative bartering:  in exchange for the creation of a monthly art program for the children of their After School and Summer Camp programs, CMMAG would have a new home for its monthly meetings.  This partnership added another committee to our roster (Children's Programming), and threw open wide the doors of our new home.  Our collaboration with the CCC found our members engaging with budding young artists, bringing new supplies to the center, and in the spring of 2012 awarded with the prestigious Fred Fletcher Volunteer Award as an Outstanding Volunteer Group!  I've had to double- and triple-check my dates for this, because I can hardly believe all that we have done since our move to Chavis!?  *in spite of having had front row seats for every minute of the show!*

Michelle and I accepting the Fletcher Award on behalf of CMMAG
with Al Byrd, Chavis Center Director and our nominator - March, 2012
We have become the 'go to' gals for face-painting (a pleasure most of us had never experienced before our headlong entry into SpringFest, 2010), we have hosted dozens of eager young hands at many a' work table with fun and imaginative projects, presented a movie screening, entertained ourselves with a raft of member play-days, found new and creative ways to give back to our community using art, and continued to grow!  This year will see another deepening of our partnership with the CCC, inspiring a whole new level of involvement and community interaction!  *...and it thrills me, so!*

I have condensed, as well as I am able, the history of the Guild for the past 5 years with regard to where we have lived - this by no means encompasses all we have done!  Our creative adventures have enabled us to count as FOG:  ArtSpace, S.W.O.O.P., Visual Art Exchange, Arts for Life - Durham, SPARKcon, Artful Endeavors, Carolina Artists Colony, The Scrap Exchange, and several companies providing the tools of the trade to a host of artsitic endeavors (GOLDEN Artist Colors, Liquitex, Sanford/Prismacolor, Daler-Rowney, and Ampersand to name a few)!

Yours truly and MDP @ The Busy Bee
CMMAG's premiere at SPARKcon, 2012
It would appear that I have managed to provide you with the 'we' picture of the past 5 years, but not so much the 'me' picture...  At times the two have felt inseparable.  However, I can say this about 'me':  I emerge from this role undeniably changed.  I feel that my tenure as the President of the CMMAG has brought a greater sense of purpose to my life.  It has made me a better listener, a more effective leader, a more willing deligator, and has redefined my approach to new endeavors.  My leadership in this group has revitalized my belief in the power of 'giving back' as good as you 'get.'  *karma works, baby!*  It has removed my apprehension to ask -- how much easier would life be if we all just quit worrying that the answer might be "no"? This is not to say that I just roam about asking people for spare change and what-not.  But I have learned to ask for:  patience, consideration, partnership, mutually beneficial arrangements, and plain ol' help!  I have a new understanding and greater appreciation for what Teamwork really is.  I have been befriended by some of the most amazing women I have ever known.  I now know *in no uncertain terms* what it means to have a Tribe!  I have learned that I am, indeed, my own worst enemy.  ...and I have learned to be kinder to myself.

In some ways, all of what I have described to you seems unreal!  In many other ways, I cannot imagine my life without the CMMAG and its incredible members as a part of it.  So while there has been a change in my title, my commitment to and enthusiasm for the work of the CMMAG is unchanged.  I'll just be viewing *and contributing to* the continued advancements of this amazing organization from a different angle!

If you are a creative spirit in the greater Raleigh,NC area, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at this hidden gem.  We meet the 2nd Thursday of every month at The Chavis Community Center (505 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Raleigh, NC) at 6:30pm.  We are home to a wide variety of artists, artisans, and crafts people.  We are dedicated to fostering the appreciation of Mixed Media Arts and artists, supporting the creative endeavors of all ages, and finding innovative ways to use art to give back to the community at large.

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Creativity is inventing, experimenting
growing, taking risks, breaking rules,
making mistakes, and having fun.

                                      - Mary Lou Cook

p.s. - Tonight, this amazing crew managed to totally blow my mind!?!  They presented me with a most incredible and beautiful gift - the details of which I will have to share with you on the morrow.  It is late, and this Immediate Past President needs to hit the hay!

p.p.s. - Listen, we simply have to stop meeting like this -- I mean, every day!?   ...for a week!?!  *Seriously!?!*  No foolin', this every day thing is sort of cool!   Realistically, I don't see it becoming 'the new normal,' though.  ...but we are here, in this 'now,' and I am blogging every day.  Que sera sera!

Image Notes:
   "Gavel" altered image from Microsoft Office Images, style # 1147.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).
   "Art & Soul Buds" photo by an anonymous server at *the now defunct* Corfu in Southern Pines, NC, taken with Panasonic Lumix (DMC-ZS1) - set to natural light, slow sync/red eye flash.
   "Merry little elves" photo by Lucy Shupe (camera info not available)
   "Award Acceptance" photo by Lauren Koeth taken with Panasonic Lumix (DMC-ZS1). 
   "@ The Busy Bee" photo by Lauren Koeth (camera info not available)
  "Logo of the CMMAG" by yours truly (ca. 2008).

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Realizations, Revelations, and being Resolved - Part 3 of 3

There was much chatter on the interweb in the weeks leading up to the New Year about OLW (One Little Word) - or - choosing one's "action word" for year...  Initially, I thought it too much like a "Resolution" to bother with, as I gave up making resolutions many moons ago.  *self-fulfilling failures and what-not*  In my scratching about to finalize my thoughts on the return to blogging, however, the notion of having "A Word" to (a) symbolize my passage through this year, (b) serve as an alphabetic 'totem'/touchstone, or (c) represent the intention of mindfulness as I do what it is I do on this big blue ball, began to appeal to me.  This may strike some as funny, as I am not generally known for being a woman of few words.  *much less only ONE - seriously!?*  I have warmed to the idea, though.  I don't suppose it will be a big surprise that I have chosen a word, and a few of its 'companions' as my OLW.  You could think of it as a 'root' word, its variations as leafy off-shoots of its central meaning.

Light shall be my OLW; its variants (enlighten, alight, lightening, lighten, lightning, etc.), like ripples in a pond, serve as extensions of the central theme.  What has come before in this series (Realizations, Revelations) speaks of this intent, and it is my fervent wish that all that comes after will bear the fruits of its manifestation.

Being Resolved

Whereas, I   Penny Arrowood    wish to be a light, and
Whereas, it is my stated goal in the year 2013 to lighten the load of my hearth & home, and
Whereas, I fully desire to be a point of light for those I meet along the Journey, and
Whereas, it is my wish to be alight with the joy of creating, and
Whereas, I am determined to continue to learn and grow ever closer to Enlightenment,
     *even if not by leaps and bounds, but by mere millimetres* and

Whereas, it is my heart's desire keep a light in the window for those we love, and
Whereas, I am dedicated to lighting the fire of creative bliss among fellow creatives, and
Whereas, the child in me will always seek lightning bugs at dusk, and
Whereas, I seem to have run out of variations of My Word *for the moment,*

Therefore be it resolved that 2013 shall be awash in LIGHT!

Won't you join me?

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

p.s. - If you follow no other link in this post, please do take a look at the final one.  It is well worth the time, and damned near guaranteed to put a smile on your face :)  
p.p.s. - If you did follow them all, and then clicked on "final one" above, I bet you're smiling and tappin' your foot by now  ~>;-)

Words of wisdom for today:

"But I also say this: 

that light is an invitation to happiness, and that happiness, when it's done right,

is a kind of holiness, palpable and redemptive."

                                      - Mary Oliver

Image Notes:

   "Idea Balloon" altered image from Microsoft Office Images, style # 1147.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).
   "Time Flies" altered image composite, original images from The Graphics Fairy.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Realizations, Revelations, and being Resolved - Part 2 of 3

It occurred to me in the writing of today's offering that I might have gotten carried away with the alliteration of my title for this series.  Perhaps these items are not all that revelatory (?)  Oh, well...  that's my title, and I'm sticking to it!   Hmmm, heartened by Merriam-Webster's take on the whole thing, I'll refrain from any further second-guessing.  

rev·e·la·tion:  noun \ˌre-və-ˈlā-shən\
2 a : an act of revealing to view or making known


On Art

In much the same way that what is considered "art" is different, depending on who you ask, I have discovered that "being an artist" means very different things to different folks, as well.  I consider myself an artist -- yet I do not (nor do I actively seek to) have work hanging in galleries.  Does this make me less of what I claim to be?  I say "Nay, NAY!"  As I mentioned in the previous post, opportunities that were made available to me in 2012 illuminated areas of strength.  The revelation that I can BE an artist without being represented by a Gallery was a moment akin to Enlightenment!  I love the process of creating.  I revel in the 'figuring out.'  I thrill to the possibility of 'mayhap this will work better.'  More than all of these, though, I love seeing others 'get it!'  Ironically, if my greatest strength lies in teaching, it would seem that I have come full circle (as my secondary education was oriented toward my becoming a Teacher).  Approaching my creative endeavors from this angle allows me to take full advantage of all that I love about being a creative without the 'production' mind-set that has robbed my efforts of the joy in previous creative pursuits.  It allows me to maintain the aspect of creative discovery, without the feeling that I am then required to 'churn out' the same thing over and over.  I am excited about building on the foundation established last year; I look forward to having news of more opportunities (i.e. places/venues) to share this love of mine this year, and beyond!

On Home

When I was younger, due to various factors, I moved fairly regularly.  As a child of divorced parents, there was the inevitable 'back and forth' that happens when one lives 'between homes.'  More than that, once I was settled into 'Life with Father' and his new bride, his work (or occasionally, lack thereof) predicated a pattern of nearly annual moves.  Between Kindergarten @ Young World (not a scholastic requirement back in the day of my youth) and graduating from High School, I attended one (1) private school and eleven (11) public schools -- people often asked if my family was military?! *ha!*  No grass grew under me after high school, either; moving seemed to be in my blood:  from home to school in my 2nd year *dorm -- oh, please excuse me, "Residence Hall",* 1st apartment, 2nd apartment, moving out of state (TN, then to DC), and returning home, before settling in the area where I now live...  It was early last year when I finally realized WHY my house looks the way it does (i.e. more Warehouse than House):  I haven't moved in over fifteen years!  I haven't had to repeatedly purge and pare down to make things fit elsewhere, so they have just expanded until they don't actually fit where I am.  I love our home, and feel badly that my magpie-like interests have crowded us into virtually half of it being uninhabitable.  I have been blessed with a generous and forgiving husband, who has catered to many of my interests (with gifts of tools, supplies, and even a BUILDING for me to work in - sadly, not being properly utilized at present).  The revelation that I must have less to do more came hard and fast, last year -- this is my year to get things back in perspective! stop being embarrassed by the riches of my multiple interests. reign it in, make it more manageable, and to feel at home in my home.  Is that a little scary?  Hell, YEAH!  After all, it took over 15 years to accumulate all this 'stuff!'  In my more sanguine moments, I laugh like a lunatic at the notion that I can make it all more manageable in only 1!?  ...and yet, I somehow know that I will.  *right now, "Let there be peace, and let it begin with me" is streaming through my 'in head audio system' - ha!

On Life

Not all of that 'moving about' was full of sunshine, lifelong friends, and blissful childhood memories.  A goodly portion of it was downright unpleasant - some so much so that I have obliterated any memory of it altogether.  ...mostly due to the fact that I was raised by a manic depressive who was not diagnosed as such (and, lacking diagnosis, was not medicated as such) until I was 18.  That upbringing resulted in my story being told "through a lens darkly."  The message(s) I was getting were being received through a *badly* damaged filter.  I was viewing myself in a 'Fun House Mirror' that was no fun *at all!* - merely wildly distorted.  Even though I knew, at my core, that I was not what I was being told I was, I was well into adulthood before I managed to regain control of My Story.  I am thankful to my beloved, to many friends, and the writings of the incredible Patti Digh for helping me to see that I was not the story that had been told before.  My Story was radically different than the 'damaged goods' tale that was told of/to me.  I find that I still hear echos of that 'other' story -- on blue days, or when I slip and forget that that teller no longer has any power over me.  In the main, I am proud of who I am; and prouder still of of the story that is ongoing!  It is very easy to say:  "We choose whether or not we will be happy," but it is harder to act upon the 'owning.'  It really is entirely up to us.  I mean, how often have you said "He/she makes me so mad," or "They really hurt my feelings"?  In truth, we allow ourselves to be saddened/angered/hurt/troubled by the actions of others.  *I am not implying that this is 'easy' at all - I fully realize that it is very much more easily said than doneWhen we are mad, we might more appropriately say "I got so mad at/about/etc."  There is no shame in acknowledging that "I know I shouldn't have let that hurt my feelings, but..."  We choose what we 'own' of our actions -- be they physical or mental.  Words:   spoken, or thought...  Decisions:   enacted, or contemplated...    In truth, this was not an 'in the moment' revelation - it is a work in progress; but, oh, what extremely rewarding work it is.  For a number of years I actually was a victim; in the intervening years, it has been my great pleasure *and entirely my choice* that I do not see myself as one anymore.  It is not enough to merely edit the story -- Be the reporter!  Own your story, and it's telling; and make sure you are telling the actual tale of you, not someone else's version.  It took a good chunk of time, but I'm pretty fond of me - the real me, the me who is here, in this 'now.'  Watch out world, 'cause that's some powerful sh*t!

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:

"Someone I loved
once gave me a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.
                                      - Mary Oliver

Image Notes:

   "Quill" altered image from Microsoft Office Images, style # 1147.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).
   "Time Flies" altered image composite, original images from The Graphics Fairy.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).

Monday, January 7, 2013

Realizations, Revelations, and being Resolved - Part 1 of 3

So, it has been a while...  My awareness of this seems decidedly real and not-real, tho'  -- that time between that 'then' and this 'now' is full to overflowing; yet at the same time, gone - all gone.  There is no way I could 'catch you up,' and there seems no point in 'starting over.'  Let's just make like old friends, and pick up where we left off.  What bears telling will out.  The title of this series wields the bulk of my meaning, right here - in this 'now.'

I hope that each of you enjoyed a wonderful, memorable, and restorative Holiday Season!  Here in my somewhat fragmented little corner of the world, I still have 2 Christmases to go!   The Man & I celebrated The Brother's birthday/Christmas with he and his beautiful family, this past Saturday *w00t!*  We had the added bonus of seeing two of The Nephews play in their first basketball game (cheers to the boys, their team, and the way-cool Coach - yep, The Brother); and enjoyed a lovely evening with some of his old/our new friends.  A priceless day, lucky are we! *...but, oh, how I do wish all the wee ones didn't grow up SO fast!*


In thinking about how long it had been since this blogging endeavor had been attended to, I had a rather sizable realization about where all my efforts at 'sharing' had been directed of late.  I have regularly dispensed various and sundry nuggets of the view from my part of this Journey's trail - though not here, in the right and proper place, however...  I have fallen prey to the easy - the immediate *'gratification' neither intended nor implied* - the quick & at hand:  Facebook!  *hey, like I said:  it was easy!*  It would seem, because it is so gentle reader, that I was going about this all wrong (or, for the sake of reduced negativity, from the less than ideal approach)!  To develop the discipline to incorporate these things which are of declared import to me, I must assert my efforts to the doing -- the bounteous yield of which will make for plenty of legitimate 'share-worthy' bits!

I further realize that the time has come to do more 'inward' work; without which the outward will remain stifled and less fulfilling.  I suppose this translates to:  no more new stuff (plans, projects, major commitments, etc), until I deal with the unwieldy accumulation of a mind-boggling 15-years-in-one-location's-worth of stuff!?  Making room in this, my designated 'space,' - tangibly:  my home/work space - metaphorically:  my Life - will *I feel certain* also create room for the rest of my existence.  For my overall sanity, mental stability, and future productivity, this must be the ultimate goal of my efforts in the dawning of this New Year.  This past year has illuminated new personal strengths and creative opportunities that yearn for further exploration, to do so will require creating the space for bigger and better things to happen!  I will admit that this seems a somewhat daunting task, but I can almost taste the joy that will come with it's accomplishment.

My final realization, with specific regard to the care and feeding of this Blog, was that I am beyond anal when it comes to the layout and appearance of the final product.  In other words:  I am making this harder than it needs to be/take more time than it really requires!? *shocker, that, eh?  ...can't recall that ever being the case for this gal, before!? {insert maniacal laughter, here!}*  It has become a self-defeating ideal, and one that I must step away from if I am to have any hope of proceeding with this project *...and for reasons that I cannot wholly explain, I really want to do just that! Proceed!*  In this instance, it actually is"all about me" -- letting go of the need for perfection in 'macro' will make easier the way to the end goal.  Much like a Sherpa, by changing the approach, I can achieve the ascent more efficiently.  *yes, hind-sight is 20/20, and it does seem very much like common sense -- but I would posit that it is justifiably a 'forest for the trees' scenario in equal measure!  #imjustsayin*

Onward & Upward!
 - pla

Words of wisdom for today:
"Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it."
                                      - Mary Oliver
Image Notes:
   "Hourglass" altered image from Microsoft Office Images, style # 1147.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).
   "Time Flies" altered image composite, original images from The Graphics Fairy.  Image manipulation by yours truly via Paint Shop Pro X2 (filters & effects).