Monday, December 29, 2014

Twelve Years On

Dan Michael Arrowood
1982 - 2002
Twelve years gone.  Some days, it seems so much newer -- this loss, this wound.  It just doesn't seem possible that you have been gone for more than half of the time that you were here.  Some days, I catch myself in the act of wanting to tell you something amazing -- something I just know would interest/humor/intrigue you -- books, music, movies...

We treasure the memories -- the good and the bad.  You were not perfect, but you were perfectly you!  It was a privilege to know you, my honor to call you a son, and utter joy to recall all that was good and bright and lovely. 

In celebration of you, dearest.  Today we remember.

Onward & Upward,

Words of wisdom for today:

"You have not forgotten to remember;
You have remembered to forget.
But some people can forget to forget.
That is just as important as remembering to remember
-- and generally more practical
                                    - Idries Shah

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just a Normal 2nd Thursday -- Until it Wasn't!

Greetings, Blog-Land!  I hope that all and sundry are well and happy, and joyfully ensconced in the merriments of the Season.  I return to you with MUCH more to share than the time to lay it all out, but this is most awesome news and needs be shared post-haste!  

Last week, I went about my business with work, and various projects, and my ongoing quest to be Christmas-ready, and preparations for the big, year-end wrap-up for the CMMAG.  As one does.  Our December meeting is always a large, fun gathering -- a mix of business and pleasure, with great food and incredible company.  As I have for the past few years, I was also readying for an afternoon with the younger set; I had planned the activity for the after school program at the Chavis Community Center prior to the meeting.  The Christmas party that we host for the after school bunch is as much fun as our own!
Happy, wee artists
...enjoying pizza apres creative adventures in card making

The afternoon went swimmingly!  The pizza was ready when I stopped at Sam's to pick it up.  MDP  and I pulled into the parking lot at the SAME time *cool and yet a wee bit spooky.*  We had a great group of kids and helpful hands from the Staff.  Everyone got to finish at least one (most made two) of the days project:  hand made Christmas cards featuring fingerprint wreaths.  There was plenty of food, drinks, and treats for all who attended.  Clean up went quickly and smoothly.  Happy faces all around!  

The progression to the Guild meeting was much the same.  Although, we did have a change of venue (a different meeting room) due to the freakish heat situation in the room that normally houses us.  Plenty of helpful hands for the set up and preparation for our meeting/party.  Folks filing in laden with gifts, food, arty bits to share, door prizes -- truly, just your normal *albeit, holiday time* gathering of the CMMAG.  Things got underway, recognitions given, Secret Santa gifts exchanged, door prizes enough for EVERYONE, and great food all highlighted our final meeting of the year.

A late item on the Agenda looked interesting:  Surprise  -- I had absolutely no idea what was coming.  *DUH -- that's why it was a "Surprise" -- at least part of why, anyway...*  Seriously,  in spite of being on the Board, I had no clue what this referenced.  Which is why, when our beloved Founder (Jeanne Rhea) stood to take the lectern, I sort of freaked out -- I had a moment of panic, thinking that she and her husband had sold their house and were leaving NC (this is not beyond the pale, as the plan had in fact previously existed but *mercifully and unexpectedly* changed).  *WHEW!*  That's not at ALL what happened...

She spoke with fondness to the efforts of everyone throughout the year, and her extreme pleasure in the spirit of our organization.  The thanked the Board for its ongoing efforts to improve and expand the reach of the Guild.  She then referenced an idea that had been mentioned a few times over the past couple of years:  the establishment of an award for exemplary service to the Guild.  I smiled and nodded, having proposed this notion during my service as President.  I assumed, with all of my travel this year, I had missed the discussion that brought this to being.  She spoke of dedication and generosity, willing spirit and such.  I was more excited by the moment, anticipating who would receive this newly fledged honor.  I was thinking of all of the new people who have joined, and longer standing members who have 'upped their game' in the past year, stepping into new roles and sharing more of their talents.  I was thinking about how much this group has changed, and yet is still so much the same as when I joined *has it really been 8 years ago!?*  As Michelle handed her this gorgeous piece of art glass (there really is no other way to describe it), I was giddily immersed in what a beautiful thing was happening. much so that when she turned to me, and said that that is why the Guild was presenting me with the 1st Founder's Award I was STUNNED!

I now offer my profound apologies to all who were actually there.  The most I can remember about what I said was that (a) "Oh. My. GOD." was a prominent refrain, and (b) I seemed unable to say "...but not for me" over and over.  I did manage to finally produce a sodden 'thank you', but cannot imagine  that it made much sense...  As noted (with a bit of consternation by friends), my FB status was no more illuminating  than "Mind BLOWN!" for a few days...

I am humbled by this honor.  I am deeply appreciative of the words inscribed upon this award:  "In appreciation of her dedication, hard work, innovations, and continuous service to the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild..."  My thanks to members past, present, and future for their being a part of this amazing organization.  I have said on more than one occasion that my membership in this guild is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Its value to me is beyond measure.  I have made some of the most incredible friendships of my life in the past eight years.  I have learned new things, experienced amazing oppurtunities, and grown as both an artist and a person as result of my time in this Tribe.   Thank you to the members and the Board (with whom it is my immense pleasure to work).  Thank you to my husband (a veritable fount of patience in all things Guild-y).  Thank you.  

Onward & Upward,

Words of wisdom for today:

"One must from time to time
attempt things that are beyond one's capacity
                                    - Auguste Renoir

Photo Notes:
   Happy & wee  - taken with Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS1
   Award  -
taken with Samsung Galaxy S4, standard camera app
   all photos color adjusted and cropped in IrfanView

Thursday, November 27, 2014

With a Grateful Heart

...and an astonished mind!

Greetings and best wishes for a most wonderful Thanksgiving to you all!  SO much to share -- so much gratitude for all of the wonderments that comprise this wonderful, wild, wacky Life of mine!  

I hope that the Thanksgiving holiday allows you time to reflect on all of the blessings that make your Life wonderful and wild in its own right.  I am taking advantage of the long weekend to unplug, and bask in the glow of one of my most treasured blessings:  the company of The Man.  We are long overdue for some quality time, and I am very excited that we are going to get it!  

Enjoy the things that make you happy, and count your blessings.  I will see you, here in my little 'nook on the net' for some serious catching up soon!

Onward & Upward!

Words of wisdom for today:

Every woman should develop
the kinds of bonds
that will allow her to know
she has someone she can count on.
Someone who will give her
the best advice,
even if it is unpleasant.
Someone who will expect
the most from her...
and someone with whom
she can celebrate life.

                      — Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shifting Gears

In the words of my sweet Grandma:  "My STARS!?" does indeed boggle the mind that our last visit was way, WAY back in July!  I can only assure you that I have been nowhere near as idle as this blog.  Things are well and happy in HoCo, and there has been much in the way of work in all areas -- with, again, the glaringly obvious exception of here.  It seems as though I did that weird "sharing-on-Facebook-because-it's-so-d@mned-easy" thing for longer than I realized.  Mea culpa!  In the words of my own *mostly* sweet self:  "Onward & Upward!"

One of the many things that gobbled up much of my time was the finalization of work for a new show.  As is the case for so many of my fellow artists, I seem to be a pro at the 11th hour dash.  Knowing that the deadline was so far away in January seemed to have fogged my vision.  The back-burner was well out of reach until the time became crucial.  My vision cleared, and work began in earnest.  In the words of my sweet *and equally wise* Mother:  "It always takes longer than you think."  ...and it did...  I could not be more pleased with with the outcome, though!

This suite was created for the CMMAG High Tea Exhibit during SPARKcon in Raleigh this past weekend.  The Guild also has a 2-D, hanging show in the Blake Street Shops through the end of September.  Between preparation and openings for these, workshops, demos,  regular meetings for various involvements, and the day-to-day doings of TSG and home, things have been a bit hectic 'round here.  There is something magical about having so much going on, though!  I don't necessarily want to live in 'overdrive' -- but it does feel good to have the ol' machine running wide open once and while.  It's rather invigorating to blow out the cob-webs and empty the tank -- it leaves one wide open for a bit of reflection before gearing up to ready for the next wave.

The next wave is quite the literal reference, as in merely a month I will be bound for the glorious outer reaches of the Outer Banks of NC -- it is nearly time for the ReMe Redux!  We will return to scenic Ocracoke Island for our final event of 2014.  We have two spots available for the week of October 20 - 25.  Hop over to the ReMe Blog for all the details you need to grab them!

Ocracoke in the fall is a lovely time!  Being a native of NC, I am spoiled by the luxury of the nearness of the ocean year-round.  For folks from other parts of the country, a beach retreat in October may sound the height of silliness.  In reality, Autumn comes late (if at all) to the eastern portion of NC.  It is not uncommon to remain in shirtsleeves until after Thanksgiving.  The average temperature on Ocracoke in October is a daily low of 60 and a daily high of 73 -- utter perfection!

If you, or someone you dearly love, is in need of some Rest, Relaxation, and Renewal please give a thought to joining us.  ReMe Ocracoke October is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be inspired and indulged during a week by shore -- surrounded by people who 'get you' like no others.  Good food, guest speakers, top notch art instruction, grand adventures, and personal discovery await you.  What better way to be rested and refreshed for the quickly approaching holiday season?  JUMP!  We'll save a rocking chair for you :)

Should you have any questions or need any additional information, just give us a shout:  If telephonic is more your speed, please include a contact number and the best time to reach you -- we'll happily give you a call.

With that, I will take my leave -- but let's do this again, sooner than later eh?   The above is a little teaser...  How better to ensure my rapid return, than to have something ready to share with you?  *schweeet!  ...n'est ce pas?*

Onward & Upward!

Words of wisdom for today:

"Happiness often
sneaks in through a door
you didn't know you left open."

                                    - John Barrymore

Photo Notes:
    Ocracoke Rocking Chairs - by Jodi Ohl
    Ocracoke, 2013 - by PLA - taken with Nikon D-5100     remainder - by PLA - taken with Samsung Galaxy S4

Saturday, July 19, 2014

On This Day in 1997

...I married my Beloved.  It was a sweltering Saturday in '97.  We were surrounded by family and friends - his, mine, and ours - many of whom are no longer with us.  In many ways, it seems as if we have been married forever; in just as many more, it seems like it could have been a matter of weeks ago!  It was a most mightily amazing day, and the days hence are like so many pearls - some the acme of perfection, others not quite perfect but perfectly acceptable.

The Arrowoods, ca. 1997

From then to now, we have had traveled the pathways of this Life together in all things:  great joys, bitter losses, happinesses (grand and wee), sadnesses (which always seem oh, so large in their moments), immense pride in the accomplishments of our children (and the much rarer angst for their lesser days), the always-exciting-adventures that come from owning one's own business(es), and various and sundry hits & misses - highs & lows - wins & losses!  I cannot imagine that there is another human on this spinning hunk o' rock with whom I could have ever managed any, nay all, of these incredible feats!

I can hardly wait to see what comes next as we continue to love and laugh and live and grow and learn and be together.

With all of my most grateful heart,

Onward & Upward!

Words of wisdom for today:

"I am my beloved's
and my beloved is mine..

                                    - Song of Solomon, 6:3

Photo Notes:
    The Arrowoods - by Shawn Arrowood
   *with my apologies, as it is a photo of the photo*

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Looking Back on a Weekend FULL of Wonderful

It would appear that my last post was bit premature!  I provided what read like a wrap up of June, with a big ol' hunk of it yet to enjoy!?  A week ago today (06/26/14), I ventured forth on yet another Road Trip -- this time to Richmond, VA.  It was hot as all get out, but that didn't diminish the big FUN of catching up with some folks I don't see near enough of, not to mention the excitement of meeting a whole bunch of new folks!

The Fountain at The Boathouse
After arriving at the hotel, and checking in with the buds, I ventured to the other side of town to meet up with Richmond herself!  I have mentioned before my admiration for the women of 3x3x365 (Hendersonville *nee Asheville*, South Bend, and Richmond).  I had the pleasure of meeting them all in person at Camp, last year -- and since I knew I was coming to her town, had made arrangements to have a quick visit during my time there.  

After a little 'catch-up' with some ever-so-lovely vino *and much loving on the ever-so-amazing Cheeseburger (aka:  Bergie!)*, we enjoyed a lovely, late evening stroll through her beautifully wooded community to partake of dinner and sunset over the lake.  The Boathouse (at Sunday Park) is well worth the trip, gentle reader, should you find yourself in Richmond, VA and in need of great food, a beautiful view, and the best service I have encountered in recent memory!  We lingered over dinner, and well into the Summer evening -- how time flies in such pleasant company!

Here's to good food, good friends, and great company!
Then, it was back to the hotel, and all the happenings of the 2014 International Paper Doll Convention!  ...yep, Yep, YEP -- there is such a thing!  Several years ago, I met the amazing Jenny Taliadoros at Art & Soul in Hampton, VA.  Jenny is the publisher (nay, Genius) behind Paper Studio Press, and publisher of the magazines Paper Doll Studio and Paper Doll Review.  Are you surprised to learn that "paper doll love" is alive and well in this technological, iDriven age in which we live?  The enthusiasm of these fanciful aficionados is nearly contagious!  Richmond was surprised, too -- and wrote the sweetest post about her second-hand encounter with the Convention.

The 3 Amigas!
I can only imagine your wonderment, and believe me when I tell you that this is not my "new thing" -- but it was a splendid opportunity to spend some time with great people in a fun and festive environment!  I had the pleasure of meeting many of the artists whose work was featured in the multitude of books and magazines available at the show.  ...and I always love a chance to learn something new :)  The Competition, staged on Saturday, featured treasures from the Collectors in attendance.  It was incredible to see the history portrayed in the array of paper dolls and paper toys from over 100 years ago up to modern times!  Cultural, historical, and advertising angles were all covered by the display of beautifully preserved paper dolls from private collections all over the country.  It was truly wonderful to see.

More wonderful still was the chance to hang out with two of my favorite people!  I am pretty sure my face didn't quit tingling until Tuesday!?  ...we laughed, and Laughed, and LAUGHED some more!  Not finding any steps to recreate our now "traditional" photo, we opted for stacking ourselves on a chair just outside the lobby.  I am already looking forward to the next meeting of these kindred spirits (Chattanooga -- no choo choo required -- 2015)!

After many good-byes to friends old and new, it was back in the Cute Ute, and down the road again!  Headed almost home -- an overnight stop in Raleigh with more friends before my 2nd Workshop of the year at Jerry's Artarama.  My students and I enjoyed the cool creativity of the classroom on such a hot day, and I was thrilled with how they made this project their own!  

Reflecting on this weekend, I am amazed *once again* how fortunate I am to do what I love in this world -- and to know and be surrounded by such remarkable people as I do it!  Happy doesn't seem a large enough word for what I am.  I have heard several friends jokingly say that life gets better after 50.  If that is the case, I don't know if I can stand it *ha!* -- OR, perhaps more appropriately, if anyone will be able to stand me!  

Margaret D.
work in progress
Deb A.
work in progress

Which brings us full circle, and finds me back at home in HoCo!  One would think that all of this juicy goodness would be about all the weekend one girl could stand.  You would be mistaken, though!  I was welcomed home in a lavish manner by The Man and The Wonderdog.  Dinner was underway, and my Official Duty was to procure a beverage and pet the dog -- in that order *thankyouverymuch!*  Never a slouch at following clear instruction, procure and pet I did -- enjoying for the umpteenth time this year the simple seclusion of our lovely patio with its whispering tree surround, delightful bird song, and sweet evening breeze.  Happy to be Home, indeed!  ...and with a welcome feast such as this, is it any wonder?

 Now, it is time to get a grasp on this vast new month!  ...before you know it, I'll be giving you another summary -- and I predict that there will be loads o' new creative happenings on the horizon in July.  This will be due in no small part to the fact that I will not be doing my Road Runner impersonation every weekend *ha!* No worries, there will still be much merriment to share.  I am already looking forward to the festivities of the 4th, this weekend!  So, until next time...

Onward & Upward,

Words of wisdom for today: 
"To live is so startling
it leaves little time for anything else

                                    - Emily Dickinson

Photo Notes:
    All taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Android standard phone app & edited (cropped & color adjusted) with IrfanView

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


WOW!  It seems like only yesterday I was waxing nostalgic over May.  Now we are standing at the edge of another month.  For me, June has been chock full of fortunate encounters.  It seems only fitting to share them here.  First, a word *or three* about the title of this post.  Talk about a "blast from the past"...

When I was a wee girl of 5 or 6, I had a beautiful, blue record player.  It looked much like a small, hard-sided suitcase (or typewriter case).  I loved my record player, even if the records I had did make for a rather odd collection.  Comprised of an odd assortment of 78 rpm records in bright yellow (with classics such as "Turkey in the Straw (Turkey in the Hay)", "Shine On Harvest Moon", and the like), and a few 'read along story books' with their own 45 rpm discs, the real treasures of my collection were a trio of 33 rpm albums handed down from my mom:  "With Love, Bobby," "Peter Paul and Mary - 10 Years Together," and "Walt Disney's Happiest Songs" (a promo/tie-in with Gulf Gas Stations released the year before I was born).  Thus began a life-long love of music (in general), and liner notes (specifically).

I was a singing fool!  One of my clearest memories from this time is singing *on the top of our lungs!* selections from each of these, while pumping my legs on any swing set I could find -- oh, how I loved to swing and sing!  *Julie, Julie, Julie, Do You LOVE Me? -- I DIG Rock 'n Roll Music -- When You Wish Upon a Star*  To this day, I can sing *from memory, thankyouverymuch* every line from "Fortuosity" -- and these days, that little ditty seems to sum up my daily outlook better than any other tune that comes to mind!  This merry month of June has proven no exception.

The month began with a book give-away on the Blog of the wildly talented artist and author Quinn McDonald of Quinn Creative.  As I normally do, upon reading about the the book she was giving away I looked it up on Amazon and added it to my wish list...  I was thrilled to be notified that I had won, and have spent more than a little happy time perusing its pages (and adding to the marginalia).  I am thoroughly enjoying my copy of "Finding What You Didn't Lose" by John Fox.  Thanks, Quinn -- I love it!  The beautiful post card featuring Quinn's work (and a sweet hand-written note) is a fitting book mark, to boot!

 The mail continued to deliver happy moments with the  delivery of a little gifty from one of our ReMe Retreats guests!  Laurie Beth Seehusen snagged a last-minute cancellation spot for our May event in Ocracoke only 2 weeks before we gathered on the Outer Banks of NC...  In doing so, she took a flying leap at something she had never done before. She joined in with all of her being, but did not have time to gather or create a "Gift-a-Thon" offering.  Upon returning home (to Texas), she found the perfect thing for her ReMe buddies:  The Freaker!  Their tag line, "1 Freaker, Every Bottle," sums up nicely the job(s) that this quirky character can do.  It fits nearly EVERY thing:  baby bottles, canned beverages, bottles (up to a wine bottle), and 'go cups!'  It was created by a young man from right down the NC coast in Beaufort; he was featured on the TV show "Shark Tank."  How cool, to learn about something from right here at home from a friend so far away!  I received Sherlock Homie, and couldn't be happier -- it works like a charm!  Thanks, again, Laurie Beth!

Back in January, my fellow CMMAG Guild members and I embarked on a journey of creative sharing endearingly called YORCA -- a handy acronym for the Year of Random Creative Acts.  Just last week, I was the happy recipient of one of those kind and creative acts when a bubble mailer arrived from the lovely Iris Musslewhite!  Nestled within the tissue wrapping (secured with one of the very labels that I designed) was THIS thing of beauty -- a most lovely, mixed media bracelet.  The colors are rich and deep, bringing to mind virtually every piece of clothing that I love to snuggle into in the Fall and Winter.  That won't stop me from enjoying it throughout the dog days of Summer, tho'!  It is gorgeous, Iris, thank you for thinking of me.

Speaking of the CMMAG, it was my pleasure to welcome a student from my "Long MAY You Wave" class to our meeting in June.  Deb Averitt came to our General Meeting, and brought a friend -- she also brought her Flag Book from my class.  She had finished her colorful, kinetic color-wheel by collaging images onto the flags for each color; it was FAB-U-LOUS!  I love it when folks make a project their own by adding things that they love.  Deb's finished book is a perfect example of that very thing.  Thank you, Deb, for sharing your book with us, and for your very kind words about your workshop experience with me.

As regular readers of this Blog know, my ReMe partners (Jean Skipper and Jodi Ohl) and I are in the midst of our 2nd Blog Hop.  This is a tried and true vehicle for driving traffic on the interwebs, and back in May I followed the flow of traffic on a Blog Hop for my far-away-friend Jill K Berry's latest book:  Map Art Lab.  Much to my utter delight, I won the drawing on her site for a copy of this treasure.  It arrived last week, and I look forward to spending more time between its covers -- it bears lingering.  If you enjoy map imagery and incorporating it in your own work, I highly recommend this beautiful book!  An added bonus is that it also includes work from two other artists whose work I love, and who I know personally:  Amy Smith and Cathy Taylor!

As if ALL of this wasn't enough, I will wrap up the month of June with a visit to Richmond, VA to spend a little time with friends old and new!  I'll return home via Raleigh, after this month's workshop at Jerry's Artarama:  Mixed Media Triptych - One Work in Three Parts.  There is still room to join us, as we beat the Summer heat by spending a day learning some cool techniques using text and acrylic mediums for texture and visual interest!  It promises to be a BIG, fun day & I'd love to see you there!

Until next time!

Onward & Upward,

Words of wisdom for today:

"God is a comedian
playing to an audience
too afraid to laugh."

                                    - Voltaire

Photo Notes:
    Flag Book Finished - by Deb Averitt

Monday, June 16, 2014

Memories of May - Week 2

Hello, and welcome to the 2nd stop on the ReMe “Memories of May” Blog Hop!  Jodi’s posts last week (on both her Blog and the ReMe Blog) had my mind a’whirl with all of the magical moments that combined to make our 1st event in Ocracoke a smashing success.  I have written and edited, and written and edited, and pared down, and edited some more; finally coming to the realization that I will never winnow this story down to anything approaching a “condensed version!”  SO…  I decided that if a picture was worth 1,000 words I could make this easier for all involved by showing you the majority of my favorite things (‘cause telling them all would take WAY too long)!

Any visit to Ocracoke is brightened by one’s mere arrival!  As I mentioned in our kick-off announcement, there is a certain “falling away” of the day-to-day once you are on the Ferry.  After the ponderous vessel delivers you to the dock on OCR, the sense of having “arrived” is palpable – the air feels different, the screech and swoop of the gulls and pelicans like a song in a foreign language, and the sense of being on “island time” enrobes body and mind.  So I guess my 1st favorite thing is the location itself!

You are HERE!

Our Home Away from Home

We already knew and loved the place (both the Island and our home for the week).  Another thing that made our time in May so wonderful was that we were not merely “in” place, but extra effort was put into being “of” this beautiful place for the time that we were there, as well.  In planning for this event, we included the people and places that make their lives here.  In this way, we were able to show our guests more than a vacation destination – we were able to bring them up close and personal with the ‘real life’ of the island.  From bringing special guests in as speakers at the house, to Field Trips to take in the unique character of the Village, to obtaining our shrimp for our final dinner from the Waterman’s Association – we elevated our visitors to at least one or two rungs above “Dingbatter Status

A favorite stop on any visit to Ocracoke:
the cozy confines of Books to be Red!

Bringing together a group of women from ALL over the country added another layer of wonderment to our time together.  Only ONE of our guests had ever been to Ocracoke before.  It was very special to see each of them experiencing this place for the first time!  Who but a group of artists would turn viewing a glorious sunset into art itself?

The first of many gatherings on our sound-front beach
to watch the sun slip away

Sunset as Art

 For as long as I can remember, time in the kitchen has been a special refuge for me.  Long before there was “art,” there was this space – a space that afforded me a sense of calm, a place to relax and create, a place to serve (in the most literal sense – ha!)  This trip amplified my love of KP duty to new level.  Meal times were times that saw us all come together – unified by a table full of good food and laughter.  Another favorite thing:  mealtimes!  Not only for the food (which was SPOT ON all week), but for the joy of interconnectedness that infused each coming together. 
Ready for the Dinner crowd!
...BBQ chicken for 12, with all the trimmings?  No problem!

After dinner lingering...

Speaking of “connections,” my soul thrilled to see this group morph into a cohesive “being” as we progressed through the week.  It sounds unreal to say that I witnessed the creation of a virtual family in the space of 5 days by the sea – but I DID!  We had the supreme joy of watching as strangers became friends who then became sisters.  They shared their stories and themselves – never hesitating to offer a hand (to both their fellow attendees as well as to their Hosts).  Amid the fully packed schedule, they found pockets of time to do their own thing and try new things together.  It was beautiful to behold!

Crossing the Dunes
...a morning of discovery at the Beach

Spontaneous Dancing
...what's NOT to love?

Memories in the making!
...a beautiful find on our trip to the beach

Evenings in the Parlor of EVERYBODY'S Favorite Things from May!

Finally *mayhap a tiny bit selfishly(?),* I experienced a true “first” – something that I long to experience again and again!  For the 1st time ever, I witnessed my work in a new way:  someone wearing both (a) a piece they made in a class with me, AND (b) a piece I made, that they liked enough to make their own!  It made my brain do a happy dance, indeed!

Both a Favorite Memory
and a personal first!

So much for brevity in my stream of recollecting (ha!)  Want to see even more incredible Memories of May?  Head over to the ReMe Blog for the 2nd portion of this weeks Hop!  Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to WIN my “Little Leather Booklace” – a fully functional book you can wear!  The drawing for this weeks giveaway will take place on Sunday evening (June 22nd), and will be announced next Monday!

Comment at the ReMe Blog
for your chance to make
this Little Leather Booklace your own!

There's more yet to see!
Visit the ReMe Blog for"the rest of the story!"
Onward & Upward!

Words of wisdom for today:

"When you wish someone joy,
you wish them peace,
love, prosperity, happiness...
all the good things
                                    - Maya Angelou